How to revamp your identity

19/06/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


How To Revamp Your Identity

The mobile app world is rapidly changing, and new design trends are now being implemented. Companies are constantly updating their Apps UI/UX Design to retain their customers and create a better user experience. Those who refuse to get in on the trend run the risk of losing their clients to the competition.

There are numerous approaches to upgrade a mobile app. And, In a society as competitive as ours, the best apps get the largest share of the market. Some of the ways by which you can revitalize your existing apps and get in on the new mobile design trends have been detailed below:

  • Buttonless UI

This is undoubtedly the universal app design trend of our time. The buttonless UI design has found application in the ecommerce apps as well as on social media platforms. It increases users flexibility and is a well-favored feature.

  • Character Design that tells a story

The attention span of an average person in this digital age is about eight seconds. This presents an issue as it has become increasingly difficult to get the attention of product and service consumers. A good number of apps are now adopting the catchy illustrations that tell the product or service story as opposed to the traditional method of merely uploading bulky content.

  • Colorful Layouts and Palettes

The right blend of colors will no doubt create a great UI and UX. User interface designers will have to understand the audience they are designing for and employ virtuosity and color psychology in creating amazing and aesthetically pleasing apps.

  • Custom Illustrations

Visual content can be captivating, and in the mobile app world, A picture is truly worth more than a thousand words. Digital illustrations are revolutionizing the UI design space and for a good reason too. Illustrations, icons and other visual effects can be combined to create a memorable UX design.

  • Flawless Interface

Mobile phone users fancy a quality picture experience, web pages that are light-weight and loads perfectly without any transition, and contents that are easy to access. These are among the most important criteria for creating an alluring UI. A UX design that considers these elements will be effective in gaining visitor’s attention and keeping them engrossed with the website’s contents.

  • Full-Screen Background Images

A beautiful full-screen background image enhances the UI design and helps create an incredible user experience. These visually appealing photos or unique visualizations bring about positive emotions and a sense of authenticity which makes the visitor spend more time on the app.

  • Hero Images

The human imagination is indeed boundless, and with the numerous superheroes of this age, an app banner on the landing page can be very powerful. These images help convey the core message of the mobile app to the users. The average user has an inkling of what to expect when present with this landing page image.

The right UI/UX would give a mobile app a competitive advantage. It is capable of increasing user’s trust in the app, affecting their mood, and making the app easier to navigate. Consequently, having a cutting-edge design or revamping your existing app should be taken as a top priority.


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