How to retain, engage and convert your app users

22/05/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Gone are the days when phones were just used as mere communication devices boasting of an internal memory capacity of maximum 128MB.

Mobile app development companies are stepping up their game and are now pushing the envelope not only to make the phone more compact but also provide unlimited memory storage capacity. Mobile users around the globe store as much as 40 or even 50 apps on their phone depending on the storage available.

However, recent statistics reveal that more than 35% of the apps are downloaded, used once and then abandoned lying dormant without serving any purpose at all.

How does this affect an app developer you may think?

Considering that most apps are free, downloads alone will not be the only favorable option for the developer. Income is derived through in-app purchases, endorsements and product utilities etc. So if an app is left dormant and rendered useless, officially no income is pouring in for the developer, and is left with a popular yet financially useless prospect.

Another way to retain user’s attention and keep the system moving in the upward direction is to understand the requirements that go into an engaging app.

How user friendly is the app?

A quality mobile app must sport an interface that focuses on usability.


When developing a mobile app, the first thing to keep in mind is usability. Not only should an app be easy to navigate and work as expected, it should also be simple to use.

For example, apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter not only meets the requirements of the target audience but also is interactive and easy to use.

Great marketing equals to a greater area of approach


The right notification at the right time goes a long way to help keep the user intrigued and also peak interest among the users.

But clinical test studies have shown that every human needs to be in control of certain facets around themselves.

Too many messages, too often, can lead to dissatisfaction and has the potential to alienate users so much so that they delete the app. This is disaster in the app-verse and should always have an option to opt out of notifications when not required. When the user turns his attention back to the app, he will automatically turn ON the notifications and open the gates to the marketing propaganda.

No one likes useless information. That is a given in every step of the way. Hence non requisite information and targets in the app are frowned upon by the users. By using certain analytics and deep in-linking, make your app hit the right target points by providing required and resourceful information to the users.

Increase user interaction and build loyalty

A key factor to the success of many apps in the market today, is by making users feel more inclined to the app.

When certain rewards are offered in exchange, chances of loyalty and profitability increase.

For example, PayPal and PayTM have introduced cash back schemes where users can redeem with further purchases and payments. In other words, you need to give back to your loyal customers to keep them engaged. This increases brand loyalty and further increases profits and sales. It’s no surprise certain companies went from down under to on top in a matter of a few good decisions.

Keep your portal open to feedback

To boost the performance of the app, it becomes imperative for all developers to keep a portal open for all their users to give their feedback and suggestions. This helps bridge the gap between users and developers. By targeting the needs of certain demographics, the developer has increased his brand loyalty and hence support base. Because there is no better publicity than good word of mouth!


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