How to improve customer experiences using google cloud?

25/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


In this modern world of increasing business competitiveness, every business needs to be able to access any advantages they can in order to effectively compete against their competitors and today one of those advantages is proving to be the use of Google Cloud.

Knowing Your Customers

Customer care is an important part of any successful business strategy and that customer care does not just mean after sales service but also before sales service. This means having the ability to know what customers need before they even do so as to ensure you have it available for them when they realize what they need. With the huge database available with Google Cloud, it is far easier to use a larger and wider range of customer habits, trends, and purchases in general. This accumulated data can then be used to successfully predict what future customer needs will be an ordered stock accordingly.

Being able to accurately predict these customer needs will help businesses to win over new customers from some of their business rivals who all too often will disappoint their customers by not being able to quickly provide what they need.


A good business tool is the ability to analyze business trends in order to be able to forecast those trends in future and therefore be able to prepare for them and in doing so either maximize profits or minimize losses. Many businesses that start to use Google Cloud are able to make valuable use of the analytic processes available which have been tried and tested by Google’s experts and other businesses that already use the cloud. If however there are no suitable models already in existence, the experts at Google Cloud will combine their knowledge of analytics with the business’s knowledge of their business field to create suitable analytic advantages.

Effectively Utilizing Infrastructure

For the larger businesses it may at first look worthwhile for them to acquire sufficient Artificial Intelligence (AI) of their own in order to achieve all of these advantages on their own, however, although the quantity of their business at their busiest times may warrant this extra expenditure, much of the benefits achieved from those busy times are expended during the slow business periods. It would, therefore, be ideal to have maximum AI infrastructure for the busiest times and yet minimal AI infrastructure during quieter times. Fortunately for some of those bigger companies that is exactly what Google Cloud can provide and it are the more successful large businesses which have found this out from an early stage, prior to them investing in AI infrastructure which will be idle much of the time.

How Google Cloud Assists a Business’s Customers

Although customers of any business may not know nor care if that business uses Google Cloud, the more astute customer may know they do if the business never seems to be overstocked yet always has what they need in stock and correctly anticipates ‘rushes’ on certain products.


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