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How to Hire an App Developer For Your Business?


How to Hire an App Developer For Your Business?


An online presence is necessary to thrive in today’s digital world, and businesses often use websites and applications to achieve the same. Even if you have a fantastic idea for a service or an application in mind, its implementation requires technical skills. This is why companies need app developers to bring their ideas to life.


Mobile apps are very convenient as people are always on their phones. In fact, people use an app 88% of the time they spend on their phones. This is why mobile apps are beneficial for promoting your business. 


Once you’ve decided to build an app, the next hurdle to cross is to find good app developers. Many tech stacks are available to create an application. Finding the right person or team with the required skills will take some work. You can create an in-house team or outsource your application.


Finding a good development team will help you save costs and build your app exactly how you envision it.


Why Do You Need an App Developer?


Entrepreneurs with the right technical skills can bring life to their app ideas. This is feasible with many software tools available online. However, this can be confusing if you don’t have the necessary skills. The team and skill required also depends on the size of the project. If it is a large-scale application, you will need a team of developers to finish the job. 


You can hire app developers through an in-house development team, freelancers, or a third party’s help.


In-house development team


You can hire and train people with technical skills to be part of your team. This is more viable long term, and communication tends to be more accessible. The development team will have a better understanding of the project.


However, this process takes time, as you will need to train and integrate your new hires into the company. It is more expensive as well. 




Many websites let you find freelance developers. This is a convenient option, as it is cost-effective, and you need not spend excessive time on the developers. Freelancers are a good idea if your project is small and you need to get it done fast.


The downside of this is that scaling the project later becomes a hassle. There is no commitment made as the process is contractual. If the developers are from different countries, communication can be challenging.




Outsourcing your app to an external agency is a mix of the above methods. It is cheaper than hiring a fully-fledged in-house team but more reliable than freelancers. You can also scale your projects later on if needed. 


You can decide on your app developer or team based on their expertise and your needs. Such a team can help you finalize the details of your app and are guaranteed to complete it.


Hiring an App Developer


Before you hire an app developer, you should have a clear idea of certain factors like your goals, time constraints, resources needed, and budget. You can go about hiring an app developer perfect for your project by following the given steps:


Set Clear Goals


You should conduct proper research on your app before contacting an app developer. This includes the kind of app you want to create and its revenue model. You can start with a free app and later monetize by adding in-app purchases. 


You should be very clear about your app’s concept, design, and functions. A company should be well aware of the goals and objectives that they want its app to achieve. Only then can you explain the same to your app developers.


Fix Your Budget


Establishing the cost of an app is essential before hiring an app developer. Your budget will depend on many factors like your platform –  iOS or Android, specs, design, features, and more. The amount of money you can invest in your app depends on your revenue model. 


This step is essential because it lets you decide how much you should invest in creating your app and how much you’ll need for maintenance and growth. You should also be somewhat flexible in your budget since unexpected costs can arise.


Required Technology and Resources


The next thing to do is to decide on the technical resources that you will need to build your app. Based on your app’s functionality, specific languages of platforms might be better than others. There are several frameworks and technologies to choose from. If you are unsure which to choose, you should get help from an experienced developer.


For example, if your app only provides information about your business, you will need an excellent front end and UI/UX design. On the other hand, if your app has complex functionality, its back end also needs to be strong.


Hire Developers


The final step is to hire your app developers. You can go to online websites that connect you with freelancers or outsourcing agencies. Ensure you interview your candidates well and understand the technologies they are skilled in before hiring. The communication and development process will go smoother if you can find people who understand and relate to your objectives.


You should consider certain factors that can help you find the best developers for your app.


Factors to Consider While Hiring an App Developer


Once you know what kind of app you want to build and what technology you need, you can hire developers. But before doing so, you should analyze them correctly based on some essential factors and ensure they are a good fit for your company and project.


Check Their Portfolio


It is always a good idea to hire app developers who have a significant amount of experience. You should examine the app developer’s past work history and portfolio to see how well they worked on other projects. 


By checking out their website or profile, you can understand more about them. If they have worked on similar projects or technologies, you can be confident that they will do a good job. They will also have the expertise to advise you on the specifications and functionality of your app. 


Tech Stack


This is the most critical factor you should check out about a developer. They should be well versed in the technology or language you want to use to implement your project. If the developer you hire doesn’t know this language or framework, you will have to waste more money and time while they learn the same.


The app developer or team you hire should also be proficient in the language of your choice. If they are only a beginner, they might not have the right experience to build a working app on a large scale. 


Go Through Reviews


See what other clients have said about the candidates you are considering. Previous customers can give you reliable reviews about a developer’s work ethic. These are not alone to give you a complete picture, but with the help of the other factors we have mentioned here, reviews can help you choose the right developer for the job.


Reviews can help you avoid risks. For example, even if they have a good portfolio, if a developer can’t produce the results on time, it can cause losses. You can trust that they are efficient if they have good testimonials from many people.


Development Approach


You should find an app developer who can work on your project with a consistent development approach. Developers split and work on their projects according to the SDLC or the software development life cycle. 


There are many models that they can use to build an application, like the waterfall model or the prototype model. Different teams and developers use different approaches. If you have any particular model that you want your developer to follow, you should specify the same beforehand.


Looking for an App Developer? Choose Focaloid


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In short, hiring an app developer can initially be somewhat daunting. But by dividing what you have to do into distinct steps, this becomes a more straightforward process. 


Whether you hire a freelancer or outsource the development process, you need to know their experience and skill set. You should know their working procedures, costs, etc. A competent app developer can boost your chances of success in the market.


You should consider several factors to select the best app developer for your project. A mobile app could be native, online, or hybrid based on its purpose. Once you’ve chosen the kind of app you want to make, you can start looking for the ideal app developer.


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