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How to Find a Good Java Development Partner?


How to Find a Good Java Development Partner?

As one of the world’s best and most trusted languages, Java has powered numerous devices and systems throughout the years. Regardless of what kind of development, Java has been a reliable, fast, and secure programming language for building application solutions. 

Since its release in 1995, the initial target was to be used in web development. This was also associated with all other technologies created along with Java.

Why has Java Been a Top Priority Over the Years?

  1. Java as a programming language has always been known to be reliable, flexible, and, most importantly, high-performing, allowing organizations to use web applications with the help of JSPES and servlets. This programming language can also be used for static web development and HTML websites that require to be highlighted with dynamic content.
  2. Java technology is used to create open-source or commercial projects with the help of different IDEs, including Eclipse, Blue J, Netbeans, and several IDE variants available online.
  3. Java language has been observed to be easy to learn, and those with knowledge of C++ and JavaScript will be able to learn this language very fast.
  4. It is a known fact that Android is the world’s most popular mobile phone operating system, and Java has remained the default programming language used to develop Android applications.
  5. Java has been used on around 7 billion devices and by 9 million developers up till now. With its property of being an all-around universal programming language, Java can be found on various devices, including mobiles, laptops, desktops, or even large-scale industry applications and servers, which adds to its solidity and scalability. Further adding to the list, Java has also been declared credible recently in IT in terms of cloud development and IoT (internet of things).
  6. One of the essential features of Java that makes it valuable is its abundant number of APIs. API refers to the application programming interfaces, and in the case of Java, they include several Java packages, interfaces, or classes that prove to be useful during the construction of several applications that do not require the necessary knowledge of parts.
  7. Java consists of three types of APIs: optional official Java APIs, official Java code APIs, and unofficial APIs. This API comes into use for practices such as networking, media, speech synthesis, XML parsing, database, and many more.

Ways to Find a Dependable Java Development Partner

There are several ways to find a java development partner. Some of the most used practices include the process of outsourcing, which means finding a java development programmer based outside your country. On wondering what country to choose from when looking for outsources, one can go for Europe because it has a great number of Java software development companies, with Poland having approximately 300 firms simply to outsource Java developers. 

Since Java is the most preferred programming language, many people build their careers in this field. The next country with the most number of Java outsourcing companies in Italy. There are two ways to find a suitable Java development partner. It is debatable which one is better, but it can be decided based on the situation in which Java is applied.

You can take cues from the following situations while hiring a Java development partner:

  1. When going for freelance programmers of Java, only small-scale projects should be handled by freelancers, and in the case of a complex or big-scale project, it is advised to always go for a software development company that is well-versed and has suitable employees working with Java daily.
  2. The pros of hiring freelance programmers include that it has a straightforward hiring process, unlike software development companies, where the hiring process may have a lot more levels. However, in a software development company, there is also faster project realization which might be a preference.
  3. A freelancer might be a cheaper or more affordable service provider, but a software development company comprises several teams of professionals with enough knowledge to deal with problems that might arise during development.
  4. Outsourcing a java development partner has its benefits, including using skilled resources. When going for outsourcing, you can access a team of professionals equipped with great domain expertise, saving your time and effort and making sure that you only hire trained and skilled individuals for your application.
  5. Choosing your Java development partner through outsourcing also ensures that you can focus equally on all core aspects of your business. Since a team of trained individuals will be dealing with the programming part of your business, you can focus on the other important parts, including other activities that add to the functionality of your business.

What to Look for in a Java Development Partner?

  • Latest tools and technologies

When going for a Java development partner, always ensure that the Java development team you choose uses the latest tools and technologies to build advanced software for your business or other enterprises. This can easily be done by selecting the proper Java development services provider and reading through the provider’s features. High-quality software will make sure that your business runs smoothly and as required.

  • Experience 

An essential factor that you must look for in a java development partner, like every other aspect of your business, is the amount of experience the company or the freelancer holds in the field of Java. It is always advised to go for as much experience as possible rather than trying your hand at one with less experience in a big-scale project just to save cost.

  • Portfolio of company or individual

It is also advised that one should not hire a java development partner without having a look at the portfolio of the company and the developer. This portfolio allows you to have an idea of their experience and what the developer can do with Java, and how they may be able to help you. It will tell you beforehand whether or not they are capable of providing you with the help that you need.

  • Reputation and the reviews

A company’s reputation is also something one must look into when hiring a Java development partner. Even if the company one is hiring is new, the business should make sure that they have at least some reviews from people who have hired them before. It is advisable to only go for those companies that have at least some reviews.

  • Time of assistance

When working on your project, you must get assistance 24/7. Hence, when looking for a java development partner, make sure that they are available at your beck and call and can help you with every little problem whenever you need it without delay.

  • Availability of NDA

A java development company and its engagement model should be flexible, scalable, and transparent. This can be ensured by checking if and whether the company offers a non-disclosure agreement, referred to as an NDA, that keeps confidential data incorporated terms secure. Choosing a company that does not provide an NDA and has way conditions can prove to be a problem for your business and should be avoided at all costs.

  • Charges and country

Various countries provide various rates for outsourcing, and several countries have made their mark as excellent Java development partners. The hiring cost of Java programmers in countries such as India has been noted to be around 25 to 35 dollars per hour.

  • Several certifications

One must also look into the Java certifications that a company holds. Examples of Java certificates that are common in nature include that of Oracle-certified master or Oracle-certified professional that helps one understand the range of professional knowledge and expertise the certificate holder has in the field of Java.

Why Choose Focaloid?

Focaloid Technologies has expertise in building applications end-to-end, and some of the backend technologies we use are Node Js, Java, PHP, Ruby, etc. Our team follows agile and DevOps processes for product development. Our turnaround time is also fast, with reduced development costs and better ROI.


Java is still a reliable, fast, and secure programming language for building application solutions. If you are looking for a good java development partner, it is best to hire an agency with a strong team of developers so that the product development turns out to be good.


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