How to enhance customer experience using IoT

23/07/2024 20mins
Shaibana S


Telecom consumers  are one segment of customers  who do not pledge any loyalty, yet look for the most advanced technology service. The well informed customers have high expectations and also expect to be provided a service at par with their favourite app and Over the Top Providers.

Now service providers have also learned to dance to the tunes of their customers while also retaining them. Customers are profiled to be able to relate to them. Once this is done they can be easily converted to hyper-consumers who would be happy to spend on any services that starts from a normal connectivity to connected devices or seamlessly integrate any ideas to connect to the rest of the world. This would transfer the providers into a true digital partner.

Digital technology finds space to explore using existing and emerging technologies to enhance and sustain a delightful customer experience. And  IoT is that technology that would enable this transformation.

Depending on the Customer, the Product and the Network the functionalities can be divided into three categories though the core of it is Customer Service.

The process begins when a customer initiates an enquiry and ends when the requests have been fulfilled. The services can be anything from handling requests, to invoice generation to resolving complaints.

All these points must be automated. And automation through IoT does not imply reducing manual effort but relates to a system of connected devices or sensors that collect relevant data at every touch point and supply it to the most relevant domains. This makes every process and interface become intelligent with every interaction.

Introducing IoT is not a one-time task rather one that evolves once it has been introduced. So while implementing IoT service, providers need to specify their needs and strategies accordingly for the transformation to take place in all processes and nodes which requires continuous learning.

By combining the customer data, product and networks you can have a complete insight into their habits and trends which is the underlying thing about automating the entire process through IoT. It would allow suggesting the next best offer to that customer. It expands further by being able to provide a 360-degree view of the customer by integrating and consolidating the telecom domains.

To realize the power of IoT, you need to convert your customers to your brand promoters. This can be achieved by delivering value consistently taking them through a delightful experience throughout their association. To be able to provide such an experience collection of data from all customer devices is required. And this information then needs to be analyzed in order to not only predict but also adapt to the changing customer preferences and behaviors.

It is high time you considered new strategies to bring up a thinking system building upon intelligence with every transaction with IoT.  



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