How to convert your ordinary home into a smart home

19/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


It’s likely that you have heard about lights that turn on and off with a voice or application command. Or, how a single touch of a button enables surround sounds to kick in, start a movie of your choice, and roll down the window shades.

There’s no doubt that smart home technology is gaining traction in the housing market. From time to time we hear various applications and technologies offering web-based comforts you didn’t know you need.

So, is it time to convert your home into a smart home? Let’s explore different ways you can turn your ordinary home into a smart home and the potential risks involved.

Turning Your Ordinary Home into a Smart Home

Is a smart home the modern take of what makes a ‘home sweet home’? If you’ve caught on the smart-bug and you are thinking of ways on how you can make your home smarter, it’s actually not complicated as you might think.

First, you’ll need a good WiFi connection that will reach all your gadgets at home. There are various gadgets and applications that integrate into the internet and offer various possibilities.

There is a smart lock feature allowing you to open your door with a smartphone using a particular application which is handy in case you arrive home with both hands full of groceries.

If you want to give your home a better ambiance, there’s an application that lets you change your lighting fixtures at home to a warmer color and with a voice prompt, you can turn your lights on and off wherever you are at home. And, thanks to personal assistants apps like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri, you now have the power to program your digital assistant to do specific tasks for you, such as controlling your thermostats, lights and smart appliances at home.

Living the Digital Trail – Risks and Challenges Involved

From air-conditioners to speakers and even the shower – almost everything in your home can actually be connected to the internet and be controlled remotely using a smart speaker or a mobile device.

However, these types of technologies do not come without risks. The convenience that these smart devices offer, may pose a potential security risk to the homeowners. For instance, a certain family’s private conversation was mistakenly recorded by their device and got accidentally leaked.

With that said, more than the convenience that these devices offer, homeowners should be aware of the safety and security risks associated with using smart home technologies.

Homeowners should be responsible enough to ensure the safety and the security of the products that they use at home to avoid the risk of exposure to hackers and compromising their home’s security. Users should choose strong passwords to enable their smart home devices. A simple security breach can easily turn into a nightmare for a home with multiple interconnected devices. Lastly, when choosing which gadgets or applications to use, it’s a good idea to stick with reputable brands to beef up on safety and security.

Overall, when planning to turn your home into a smart home, think about the trade-offs – and always be smart about your home security.


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