How to be viral on today’s internet

19/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


A great percentage of the world’s population would easily agree that their business, trade, or means of income is dependent on the internet. Without the latter, they would certainly not have been where they are today. Businesses and corporations, such as Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter also believe in this. Making the majority of their money through advertising, these companies thrive on the incoming traffic on their sites.

For people who use the internet for other purposes, the need for incoming traffic can arise due to many reasons and can account for several factors. The collective act of ‘getting viral’ is exactly what this means – attracting a lot of traffic on the internet.

The benefits of being viral

There are a plethora of benefits if one happens to become viral on the internet. First off, you’ll be getting a lot of attention from a lot of different sources. If it’s a video or a picture, you’re likely to see it in a lot of places. If it’s something else, such as your profile, you’ll get more famous as a person. Furthermore, if it’s a brand of a product, the chances are that it will attract a lot of attention, and subsequently, sales. In other words, if you go viral, you’ll be spreading the word around for minimal cost and the reach can often be unprecedented or predictable.

Always stay up-to-date

To get viral, you must always ensure that you’re up-to-date with current events and happenings in the global political or social atmosphere. This will help you create content or products that are relatable in both the spheres, increasing their probability for online interaction with people who follow one trend but not the other.

Always use hashtags and keywords

Hash-tags and keywords are particular words that generate a lot of traffic on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Furthermore, keywords and hashtags are also used by customers to filter out content as they please. Hence, using the aforementioned tools will help you reach out to your market more while ensuring authenticity. These hash-tags and keywords should find their place naturally in the body of your context.

Create awesome content!

Simply put, people are more likely to share things online if it’s funny or relatable. Since sharing is the number one tool which helps people get viral, you should make sure that the content you produce is funny and different from the plethora of other content available online. Be original, and leave your signature mark.

Use Reddit frequently

Social media platforms are notorious for getting content viral. However, the underdog in this regard is the platform by the name of ‘Reddit.’ Users of Reddit interact frequently and share content that is almost always original and is shared rapidly amongst its users. If you manage to end up on the front page or Reddit, the chances are that your content will go viral in virtually no time!


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