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How Machine Learning can help brands develop more personalized conversations with their customers

02/03/2024 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


For many years now AI has been used as a communication between a business and its customers in the form of automatic answering machines which can answer customer’s questions providing they are well-known questions which the business has been able to pre-load answers to. This has saved business money as the automated responses have saved the cost of wages for additional staff that would have had to have been there to answer the calls and give the pre-ordained answers. These automatic responses also helped customers by giving them quick and often helpful responses to their questions.

It has now been shown however that the best communications with customers which will increase their loyalty and therefore also increase their spending relies on more than just being able to quickly answer their popularly asked questions. Customers were once impressed with the quickness in which a business would respond to their calls but today, when almost every business provides quick, if automated responses, customers are no longer impressed but will be if the responses could come by way of a two conversation rather than just a question and answer interaction.

To help respond to their customer’s needs, some more forward thinking businesses are trying to oblige but not by once again increasing their staff numbers to take the calls but once more looking to AI for assistance. Advances in AI technology now allow platforms to answer customers’ questions, not only by repeating foretold known answers but also new questions prompted by the AI’s original responses in much the same way as an actual conversation develops between two real people. In these instances the AI is used in the form of learning models which help to develop progress through the effective alterations to algorithms.

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These new advances in AI technology are not just being used to enhance customer relations by being able to answer more diverse questions but also increasing customer relations through different social media. In these instances AI is used to identify what different target groups will respond to best so that advertising on those social media can be more effective in saving a business advertising expenses and affording customers easy access to what interest them the most.

Advertising has of course for many years been a key aspect of whether a business is successful or not with businesses who fail to recognize their necessary target groups or although recognizing them, failing to take advantage of that knowledge, failing whilst their competitors flourish. Being able to use AI to both recognize these target groups and direct a business to ways to attract that group’s attention is going to be one of the most important marketing tools available for the foreseeable future. Therefore any business which fails to take advantage of modern AI technologies will find themselves start to slip behind their competitors in both customer relations and ultimately customer loyalty which will damage their profitability even leading to the business’s slow demise.


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