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How Long Does it Take to Redesign a Website?


How Long Does it Take to Redesign a Website?

The time that would be required to redesign a website varies according to the size of the website. In the case of a large or medium-sized website, most of the time required to redesign a website is around seven to nine months (sometimes more). Redesigning a website could; also be possible in around 45 to 90 days (around three months). It also depends on the complexity of the website and how it needs to be redesigned or what the requirements are to redesign a website. 

Things That Are Involved in a Website Redesign

The kind of experience a user would have and the kind of perception that would be created regarding the brand depends on how the website is designed and functions. The main aim of redesigning a website is to increase website traffic. It aims to improve the website’s functionality so that more people can visit the particular website and have a wonderful experience which would facilitate the conversation rates. 

Well, there are two ways to redesign a website that is discussed below in detail:

  • Firstly, you can redesign a website by creating a new one. You can have one or more websites together, and while building a new website, you can stay live with the current website. Technically, it’s not redesigning your website, but sometimes companies prefer the option.
  • Secondly, you might not choose to create a new website. Instead, make significant changes to the existing website and redesign it to make it more appealing for the people out there so that the user interface experience is improved. You can make changes regarding the site navigation, graphics, content, page layout, calls to action, and even branding.

You should redesign your website every two years. There are several components that constitute a website, such as a strategy, content graphics, design, technology, and the way you market your product or present it in front of the world. You must build a website that would create a nice impression in the first instance when people would visit your website and be able to relate to your brand when they visit it. 


How Long Does it Take to Redesign a Website?

It is challenging to say the exact time required to redesign a website. In the case of a non-commercial website, it takes around 14 weeks, starting from the initial stage, which is the discovery of the website, to the final stage, which is the website launch. While if the website is e-commerce, it may take two more weeks longer compared to the time that a non-commercial website would require. 

Suppose you are looking for a web developer. In that case, it is a red flag if they give you a definite answer regarding the amount of time required to redesign a website, especially after asking a few questions. The digital strategists and the web designers who experienced it would ask you several questions before reaching a definite conclusion, which might still vary depending on the complexities that arise. Some areas that should be considered while estimating the time taken to redesign a website are the project’s scope, expected quality, and the agency’s experience.

Sometimes, it even becomes difficult to understand the client’s expectations and what they want to see when they visit the website. You need to look at all the demands of your customers and ensure that they are met and that the website caters to those demands. This would involve planning, development, and decision-making, which requires time to be invested. Understanding what the clients would like is essential and, accordingly, redesign your website. So, always strive for the time you need to invest in redesigning your website. 

Several steps are involved in the website redesigning, such as completely redoing the content strategy and trying to consolidate and develop a new kind of experience for all visitors. In the case of an organization that relies and is dependent on its web presence and ranges from mid to large size, about seven to nine months is the minimum required to redesign the website. In the case of a simple web project, the time that would be required is less. Lets us get to know in detail about the steps that are involved in redesigning a website:

  1. The first step of website redesigning involves signing the contract or the procurement, which takes around a month. 
  2. The second step involves onboarding which takes around two weeks.
  3. The third step to redesigning a website involves the discovery of business and technology; the time taken is around a month. 
  4. Next is to map out the strategy of digital and content, which requires around two months.
  5. The fifth step involves gathering information regarding architecture and looking after the user experience, which takes around two months. 
  6. After this, the focus lies on the visual design, followed by rounds of revision that takes around two months.
  7. Now it’s time to implement the content management system, which takes around three to five months, followed by content migration which takes another month to be completed.
  8. The next step involves new content copywriting or editing, which takes around three months, followed by the integration, generally taking two months.
  9. Finally, deployment takes around a week to be completed. 

You can opt for Minimum Viable Product or MVP to launch your website after redesigning your website. This refers to the fact that your website is launched having most of its elements, such as functionality, design, branding, and SEO. But if you opt to launch your website following the strategy of MVP, then there remains a scope to scale up with more features and with more content after a point of time after the launch. 

If you do not work with professionals, redesigning a website could be difficult. However, it would seem quite simple if you start working with an agency with expert designers, developers, and content specialists who have a great amount of experience in this particular field, which would help you reap benefits in the near future. 

Factors Influencing the Time That One Would Require to Redesign a Website

  1. The first factor that influences the time is whether you want a customized design for your website or a template design. You need to choose between the two. It could be either a fully customized design, which needs a lot of time to set your website apart from your competitors, or an online template that is commonly used.
  2. The second is content, one of the most critical and underestimated factors. Content is king, and it decides whether visitors would further like to visit the website or whether they are encouraged to listen to the kind of content displayed. It takes about one-third of the total time to decide on the content, which is one of those important factors as it influences the users’ experience. 
  3. The next factor influencing the time taken to redesign a website is SEO or search engine optimization, influenced by the content. It is quite critical as through this; the search engines can recognize and rank your website. So, it should be done properly, from keyword research to technical on-page SEO.
  4. The scope is the next factor determining how many pages the website will include. A website made of 10 pages would require much less time than a website made up of 25 pages, as the amount of content needed would also differ.
  5. Next, we have complexity in determining the time required for a website redesign. If you need to brand your website, it would require more than the usual time. 
  6. The next factor that would influence the time would be the different strategies based on which you would choose to redesign your website and achieve your goals. The strategies include generating and converting leads. One could make strategies after understanding your objectives, which requires careful planning during the initial stage of a redesign project.
  7. The last factor influencing the time involved in redesigning a website is the website platforms or software used to build the site. If the tools used are more complex, it would require more time. 

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If you want to redesign your site, you can either build a team internally for the same or hire an agency to do it. Depending on your requirements, such as customization and maintenance, one of them will be the right choice.


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