How is IoT enabling intelligent healthcare solutions?

23/07/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


IoT is transforming the healthcare industry as we know it. For instance, in Missouri, a hospital uses remote monitoring solutions to monitor babies that are born with congenital heart diseases. Such solutions allow the doctors to check the vital signs of the babies ever two minutes. In case an anomaly is detected in the readings, the care team can work to correct the issue quickly. This aids in delivering proactive care. Ever since this IoT enabled solution was built by the hospital, it hasn’t seen a baby die due to HLHS.

This is just one of the many examples that can be found in today’s world. As time goes by, more and more healthcare organizations are resorting to IoT solutions to transform the level of care they give to their patients. It helps in improving the effectiveness of the organization, empower teams to take proactive action at the right time as well as engage customers.

How IoT can be used to overcome industry challenges

IoT has opened doors for the world of healthcare. So much is the potential of IoT in the healthcare industry that it has been projected that solutions will allow the healthcare market to reach a revenue of whopping $158 billion by 2022.

Moreover, there are quite a few challenges being faced by the healthcare industry. This includes an increasingly aging population, the onset of chronic diseases among the masses and a hike in regulations being placed on the industry. IoT can be used to combat all these challenges.

However, any organization that uses the solution must ensure that their data remains confidential, accessible and safe. The solution must align with the regulations imposed on healthcare. This includes those set by HIPAA and GDPD.

Improving patient experience via IoT

Whether it be the outcome or overall experience, the patient of today has high expectations from the healthcare industry. After all, it is 2019, and we are more technologically advanced than we ever were.

IoT helps in improving patient care, experience, and outcome. The data accessed through such solutions can allow healthcare providers to deliver personalized and relevant care to patients. They can also engage patients and give them more control in improving their health. For instance, cloud solutions can be used to ensure secure communication between a patient and his doctor. These solutions can aid in sharing patient insight across the team in a timely and efficient manner.

By using IoT to optimize operational and clinical effectiveness, healthcare systems can further benefit from better diagnoses and hence treatment options. For instance, IoT solutions can be used to detect patterns in the symptoms of the patient and monitor key vitals for the correct diagnoses.


IoT has truly revolutionized the way the healthcare industry works. No longer is it confined within a facility. Instead, remote monitoring via IoT solutions has allowed a healthcare provider to deliver customized treatment plans regardless of where the patient is. This aids in improving overall patient health, leading to growth in the industry.


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