How is AWS IoT Core useful for your business?

23/07/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


We are living in an increasingly interconnected world. People are more connected to the world than ever, through social media and advances transportation, you can be where you want, with whom you want either in person or digitally. However even more connected than humans, are the devices we have. At is core IoT is a system that allows billions of devices to communicate with little to no human involvement needed. The idea is simple, but its implication and effects on every part of our lives are enormous. Not only can it make our personal lives easier, but enabling us to control all our devices through a centralized system, with just a few clicks. IoT’s potential for business and industry, however, is a whole other thing. It is one of the most important if not the most important thing going on right now, it has potential to fundamentally change how business and industry operates and open up possibilities, we were not even aware existed. This is not some type of utopia, many are already using this system and ripping the benefits tenfold. You can easily become one of them.

It has been estimated, that by the year 2020 annual revenue generated in the field to approach 500 billion dollars. And that’s one year from now. So what makes business owners and Industry giants so crazy about IoT. The answer is surprisingly simple – Data. Information is the prime currency of our age. Controlling information is a key to success in any endeavor. We are already used to the fact, that our phones, tables, computer devices are connected and communicate with each other. But what about less sophisticated machines, or even humans. Though IoT technology we can gather data on literally anything and through analyzing it, raise its efficiency through the roof. All this information will be literally at your hand. You will not have to lose income because a commercial machine you use broke down in the middle of a giant order. You will know how well it runs at every moment and you will see signs of something not working efficiency and needing maintenance, before a critical breakdown. You will even be able to monitor the health of your patients and clients, with them being out and about minding their own business. You will be able to gather data from every single machine you have and be able to innovate, achieve maximum efficiency and constantly be on the top of the game.

Every innovation bring is own share of risks with it. Inter connectivity of devices makes them more vulnerable to hacker attacks. By finding a single weak spot in the system, they can gain access to all data, including personal information. This is why it is important, as in every other aspect of a business, to always be up to date and use the best and most protected systems available. AWS IoT Core is a service that, through end-to-end encryption and authentication, will ensure that no data will be accessed by anyone except you.


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