How intelligent will mobile apps be in future

19/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


While experience-as-a-service has taken over the modern information technology, people are wondering what would the mobile applications in the future be like. We do know that the mobile applications in the future will readily make use of Artificial Intelligence technology, and the advanced capabilities of the AI system in order to evolve beyond the expectations of an everyday user. These applications will be able to deliver beyond the traditional solutions, in order to serve business and a number of other personalized experiences.

In this article, we aim to predict how these future mobile applications may be like.

By using smart features that are built in, an intelligent mobile application of the future will increase the engagement and the revenue by applying the Artificial Intelligence technology. Some of these applications will be:

  • Offering a personalized user experience

According to a number of surveys, it has been noted that customers happen to be extremely sensitive. Often at times, a single negative experience can result in a loss of customer loyalty. This could affect a customer’s long-term relationship with a business. As a result of this, it is extremely important to deliver strong and rich customer experience.

Understanding the personality of the user, in this case, is the key to delivering a great quality service. Intelligent mobile applications that make use of machine learning at its back end will be able to understand the user persona simply based on their interactions and real-time data. Using this, the apps will generate behavioral analytics that will is stored in the respective profile of a user. This information will then be used to deliver a rich personalized experience that will be unique for every user.

  • Proactive responses along with intelligence recommendations

Promotional content is something that almost all users find very annoying. Most of the applications force promotional content to the users without considering the user’s context of interaction with the mobile application. This is one of the prime reasons why many applications do not become successful.

However, the mobile applications in the future will be intelligent enough to predict and analyze the content preferences of a user. Using this data, the mobile applications will push the content that is appropriate for that particular user. This will bring a great improvement in the ease of use of a user. Atop that, it will also save plenty of time for the user as he/she will not have to scroll through hundreds of products in a catalog. This will, in turn, generate proactive responses for the users with the intelligent recommendation.

The smart replies feature in the Gmail mobile application, for instance, is one example of this. The application suggests a number of short replies that are appropriate for your scenario, whenever you are replying to a message.

  • Integrating with Virtual Assistants

More and more time is now spent on the messaging applications rather than on social media. The integration of virtual assistants, in this case, will become inevitable as it may save users a great amount of time. This is because virtual assistants are quite capable of retrieving the information effectively within a short span of time. Many people believe that this may make the mobile applications obsolete. However, it is unlikely to happen. Rather, chatbots and virtual assistants will simply assist or complement some responsibilities such as communication streaming.


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