How HR tech AI based ‘UpYourGame’ deals with employee turnover

22/05/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


The year 2018 has been quite a nice year with respect to the emergence of technological startups. Many of these startups rely on emerging technologies that include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Natural Language Processing.

Due to the integration of the above-mentioned technologies over almost all industries, the entire industry sector is undergoing a rapid transformation.

Quite surprisingly, the use of the above-mentioned technologies is also quite prevalent in the Human Resource Management industry. This includes all the processes that include optimization of resources and talent management, along with performance management and employee engagement. Indeed, this industry is yet one of the many industries that are being transformed through the use of such technologies.

Over the past few years, a number of different HR tech startups have been seen springing out. One of these many unique startups includes the HR tech startup named UpYourGame. UpYourGame is a Bengaluru based startup which has the prime aim of solving the issue of attrition in companies. It does this by primarily addressing the performance management by using machine learning and artificial intelligence based enterprise solutions.

UpYourGame was founded in the year 2017 in Dubai by co-founders Sofia Chand, Tejas Kamath, Amogh Kamath, and Kishore Chand. These are people that have a long history of significant work in the HR industry. Since then, the startup has grown quite a lot and today, it has machine learning experts, artificial intelligence experts, designers, and technologists on the team.

In order to address all the paint pints of the HR industry, the company adopted a customer-first approach. In order to solve all such problems, they had interactions with a number of chief HR officers across various sectors in order to identify the issue. Quite surprisingly, this was done even before the product was fully developed.

According to the entire survey and research that has been conducted by UpYourGame, it looks like most of the employees seemingly leave the organization within two months of getting an appraisal. Hence, this period becomes the highest one for attrition.

According to Tejas, the research that was conducted had revealed that almost all of the employees feel that their managers are biased and get a hint of an unfair treatment in the appraisal ratings. However, it is not easy for the HR department to consider the ratings objectively because they are short of data.

The HR Tech startup UpYourGame aims to tackle this lack of data by providing a solution that tracks the employee performance in real time, analyses the sentiments, predicts the behavioral patterns, set goals, and creates a data pool that contains no biases. As a result of this, the HR department may be able to look at the appraisal ratings of an employee in an objective way.

This problem may help companies save a lot of revenue because when demotivated employees leave the organization, the company could go to a loss. Indeed, this tech startup could change the face of HR departments over a lot of industries.


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