How Enterprise Mobile Solutions Can Increase Operational Efficiency

23/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


There is a certain misconception that mobile apps is useful only to enhance the external effectiveness and promotion of a business. However, the fact is mobile apps contribute to the overall performance of your business – it multiplies your company’s external effectiveness as well as internal operational efficiency. Mobile Apps are small icons technically powered to shape the productivity and future of your business.

Operational efficiency is primarily measured against three main factors namely : Cost, Time and Effort. Out of the 3 factors, cost is generally mentioned as the product of Time and Effort. Mobile apps greatly help in minimizing errors and eliminating duplication of work. Thus, it saves time and effort and contributes towards minimization of overall operational cost.

Let us consider each factor and how mobile apps positively influence these factors:

  1. Save Time: Time is very precious and all economic activity happens by trading time, the cost charged also depends largely on the time invested by the employees in an organization. Enterprise mobile solutions / mobility solutions help employees to contribute more of their valuable time for major and constructive works in an organization. Apps help employees to carry out data entry, report submission, feedback filing, etc., easily and in real time without having to travel back to the desk in their office. Moreover, referring to customer details, consumer behavior analysis and other reports becomes easy when the information is stored in cloud and assessed via a simple app. The drop-down menus and check-boxes options in apps simplify various administrative, prospecting and customer handling processes. Thus, enabling employees to invest their time more wisely and into more revenue generating processes.
  2. Help target your Efforts on important & constructive tasks: In any organization, even though the total working hours is maximum, it is invalid if the effort put in by employees do not create any additional revenue. To help employees employ their best efforts on most profitable activities and to keep a check on the efforts of employees and to appreciate the right efforts – an enterprise mobile solution is very useful tool. Besides supporting employees in simplifying processes, an app help an enterprise to carry out timely corrective action in case of any operational errors. One of the other major benefit of a mobility solution is that it helps reduce/eliminate duplication of work/effort. Since employees can update their work status as and when a work is finished, it is easy for the managers to coordinate and allocate works. Thus, making sure that the efforts of all employees is rightly channelized and directed towards a realization of the organizational goal.


  1. Minimize Cost: Cost is a major factor influencing the Total Revenue. Minimization of your operational cost can help in maximization of your business revenue. Within the Total cost accounted, a major portion is credited towards Payroll and employee expenses. So simplification of processes by developing enterprise mobile solutions, will help enhance employee performance and reduce various avoidable costs like allowances for travel, over time expenses, stationery and administrative costs. Several business costs you incur might be low and so businesses tend to ignore it. But the fact is these petty costs only when sum up increases the total cost. So wherever and whenever possible, the petty costs should be avoided and for that mobile apps serve as the best supporting tool.
  2. Improve Overall Operational Efficiency: Mobile solution for your enterprise as mentioned above, help you maximize the output at minimum cost. Having control over the operations every time, from everywhere, help employees to be more efficient and effective in their actions. Mobility solution/ a mobile app help in real-time inventory check-up, progress updation and accurate communication of details by employees to customers/clients. Thus, an enterprise mobile solution will help you in increasing the ROI in operational efficiency and capitalize on various relevant profitable ventures.

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