How are mobile apps revolutionizing the business?

19/06/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


How are mobile apps revolutionizing the business?

Gone are the days when people used to do the business directly. In this era of smartphones and other advanced digital technologies, people have turned their business online. There are thousands of mobile apps that have been developed for this purpose. Benefits of using mobile apps like minimal subscription cost with maximum outputs have been contributing immensely to its popularity. Moreover, the businesses which use the mobile app for development make progress since they offer their customers an awesome experience of doing business. The business world is keen on augmenting their capabilities and opportunities by making use of the mobile app.

Taking a look at the statistical data will give us a clearer picture of what changes have the mobile apps made

  • By the end of 2019 the sales of smartphones is expected to reach approximately 2.1 billion units. This has multiplied the demand for a high performance mobile app for an increase in the business development.
  • With the increase in the time spent on the smartphones by the people the developing small scale industries and the developing companies are more dependent on the mobile apps to give an increase in their sales and business.
  • 84% of the new business activities saw an upsurge in their business due to pertinent mobile applications . Another 69% agree that the enterprise mobile applications are the key to growth in their dealings for the next five years.
  • Approximately 90% of the customers agree that mobile applications are much easier to use as compared to the websites.
  • Better control of the display, navigation and easiness to use anywhere makes the mobile applications more popular among the people.
  • More over the mobile app makes it more convenient for the people to accomplish their task anywhere easily rather than having to go to the place in person.

How has the revolution been made?

  • Better customer relationship :- with the introduction of mobile app the companies can directly deal with the customers rather than introducing a third party in between. This helps them to deal with their shortcomings and taking the customer feedback directly.
  • Effective customer management :- mobile apps engage with the customers on the go. If the potential of the mobile app is put to maximum use then the customers who check into the app for information can be converted to revenue generators by proper follow-ups.
  • Virtual office for employees :- with the advent of mobile applications in the business the employees need not be present in front of their system to do their work. They can access their accounts from anywhere and complete their works and give the necessary information.
  • Helps the small business to make a hold in the market :- with new business coming up everyday the mobile apps help the effective ones to get a niche in the market. If a mobile app has been developed by them then they can get the customers on the go rather than waiting for them to visit their outlet. Thereby building a huge number of customers.

To summarize, the business needs to come up with new and exciting ways and methods to deal with the customers and make huge sales to survive in this competitive world. And mobile app is one of the easiest and common ways to achieve their target.


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