How AI-powered Assistant Lucy helps marketers improve decision-making?

23/07/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S



In this age and time, the tremendous spike in the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) by businesses is no longer news. Marketers all over the globe have adopted these assistants as companions to help in effective use of marketing operations for business’ growth. Don’t be left out, the AI market is growing fast; research shows that its total worth will be $9.88 billion by the year 2022. Every company is leveraging on these efficient assistants for their business growth, as such; businesses which are yet to join the bandwagon will feel the grave consequences in a few years’ time. Sadly, small and medium business (SMB) owners still believe in the erroneous thinking that AI is for big enterprises only, where, in fact, it is the key to the growth of their businesses.

Who is Lucy?

Lucy is an Artificial Intelligence assistant designed by IBM’s Watson. She gets her name from the daughter of Thomas Watson, Jr., (i.e. Watson’s granddaughter), Lucinda. Lucy poses as a user interface for all marketing systems. The newer version, Lucy 2.0, has seen way more improvement as opposed to the first Lucy. This unique feature, ability to learn more, is what makes Lucy a best bet for every marketer.

How Does Lucy Work

Lucy provides you with the information, and you make the decision. So, Lucy is in fact, an assistant, not a replacement for marketers. She can be seen as a marketing assistant that helps marketers curate informed marketing decisions. For every question asked (through free-form text), she provides simplified answers or answer in the form of a sentence, figure, paragraph or a chart, making it easy for marketers to quickly draw a conclusion. Lucy performs these tasks through the dozens of Watson’s application programming interfaces (APIs) incorporated into her system.

How Can Lucy Help Marketers and Companies

Lucy is known for her expertise in segmentation, research and planning. She provides fast and accurate decisions to marketers by analyzing both structured and unstructured data. Theoretically, a marketer exploits data from numerous sources to come up with efficient marketing strategies and decisions but with Lucy’s companionship, marketers can focus on higher-level tasks as Lucy handles everything from medial planning, market analysis, writing marketing plan, creating organic content to market strategy and product development. Lucy also helps marketers and companies in;

Creating highly efficient visual presentations.

Reducing report compiling burdens.

Optimizing targeted messaging based on trusted data sources.

Optimizing cost by telling you what to spend on and the amount you should spend on it.

Effectively using all enterprise owned data.

Discovering answers to marketing questions through CMR data.

Driving customers’ insight.

Curating highly effective marketing plans and decisions.

Optimizing subscriptions by determining unutilized and underutilized sources.

Automating labor-intensive tasks like data finding.

Increasing productivity of the marketing department.


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