How AI helps unlock data

23/07/2024 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


There is an iceberg of data housed in every single large enterprise or a company. While above the surface, we see all the information that is used on a regular basis. Under this surface, there is a very large collection of data that has remained unused for a long period of time. This data, however, remains totally visible to the workers in the company.

This data happens to be incalculable for most of the companies. Unlocking this data could bring great advantages to a company. Now, it looks like artificial intelligence may be the key to unlocking this data.

In order to explore this further, the IBM Cloud Podcast hosted Steve Choquette and Ian Lynch, along with Nico Frantzen who is a senior architect in artificial intelligence for Perficient, a US-based IT consulting firm. Out of the 3000 professionals working in this IT firm, there is a team of thirty people who are dedicated to building Artificial Intelligence solutions to bring a change.

Business intelligence systems that have been developed over the past decade have allowed companies to handle all the structured data: essentially all the column and row based data in databases and spreadsheets. However, most of these companies happen to struggle with the unstructured set of data that is actually huge. This data has essentially been dormant from a very long. Time and exists in the form of videos, slide decks, audio recordings, and word files. This buried data can be unlocked by the use of artificial intelligence technologies, according to Frantzen.

The video transcription and the audio files are the lowest hanging fruit in this sea. This is because the recordings of call centers are essentially full of tens of thousands of clues regarding the concerns, dislikes, and likes of the customers. Similarly, a lot could be revealed from an audio call regarding a customer’s view of a company’s products. However, it is practically impossible for a human analyst to listen to all of these calls and audio data in order to extract the information out. This is because it may take a long time.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence systems may be able to accomplish this task within a matter of a few hours. This data can then be used by companies to create virtual agents powered by artificial intelligence. This virtual agents will essentially interact with the customers and have natural conversations with them regarding different topics and react to their needs in an appropriate manner.

In this regard, Frantzen considers the Watson AI Assistant to be his favorite tool as the tool takes care of a big number of interactions so that the human employees can focus on the things that which they are the best at.

In other words, artificial intelligence an enhance the productivity of employees in a work environment. This is because artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms are able to create models for predictive analysis using the unstructured and structured data with great ease. All in all, artificial intelligence shows great prospects for unlocking a sea of unused data.


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