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How AI and Chatbot Helps in IT Service Management


How AI and Chatbot helps in IT Service Management


Chatbots are software with a user interface to interact with human customers. They leverage AI and machine learning technology and are specifically crafted to communicate effectively with humans. IT service management is the process by which IT teams manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to clients.


Chatbots result in minimising service and support expenses. Their use accelerates response time. Additionally, their use results in human reps having more time for more challenging tasks.


The use of AI and Chatbot in IT service management is on the rise. This trend is only going to increase in the future. We take a look at the benefits of AI-powered chatbots


  • Minimize Wait Duration

AI-powered chatbots are available 24X7. They quickly and efficiently solve the minor customer issues. Hence customer care executives can focus on the complex queries. Only when humans are available will the chatbots transfer the call to a support executive. Chatbots respond immediately unlike human executives who may be busy with pending calls.


  • Save Money and Boost Productivity

Human staff need to be paid salaries and commissions. Also, they work fixed hours. When they are sick or take leave, their job is neglected. Chatbots never get exhausted or sick. They are available round the clock. They respond even outside office hours or holidays. They don’t get angry or frustrated which can happen to stressed human employees.  


  • Gather Valuable Data from Conversations

AI-powered chatbots are used to collect data from client interactions as well as conversations. So, the needs and preferences of the customers of the company are known. This knowledge enables superior and swifter customer service. Also, the history of customer issues is known and the customer doesn’t have to supply information once again. This saves valuable time and effort on the part of the company. The end result is better customer satisfaction and enhancement of company reputation.


  • Predict Client Behaviour

Thanks to data gathered from customer interactions, AI-powered chatbots are able to predict client behaviour. This makes future interactions with customers seamless and productive. Authentic customer insights help customer support representatives provide effective and quicker solutions. This will go a long way in impressing customers as well as boosting customer loyalty.


  • Minimise Burnout

Chatbots don’t get exhausted like humans do. Low priority and repeat queries make up the majority of the workload. By assigning such tasks to chatbots humans can focus on high priority and complex tasks. This results in better customer service. Employees last longer and have better morale. Also, companies can better utilise the talent of their human employees.


  • Enhanced Communication

Using AI-powered chatbots minimise the transfer time as well as hold time. They make the service process more efficient enhancing the overall client experience. The chatbots interconnect the human support executives resulting in better communication.


  • Superior Personalization

Human reps cannot match chatbots when it comes to providing personalised customer service. They do the process manually and consume far more time than the chatbots. AI-powered chatbots are able to access past consumer data instantly and provide service as per the unique needs and preferences of the customer. This makes the customer feel special and valued. He/she is not treated as another generic customer and is provided generic responses.


  • Get Better with Time

AI-powered chatbots use past data to provide better service. Human staff may not remember past data. Also, they may have to spend time looking at and absorbing past customer data. Chatbots only get better with time which results in pleasing the valuable customers of the organisation.


  • Real-time Service


Some issues are critical and need to be attended to immediately. The human staff may have many customers waiting and may be unable to respond instantly. Chatbots resolve this issue. They provide real-time support. They are also more efficient than humans in resolving critical issues.


  • Don’t Make Errors


Human staff may make errors. This may result in displeasing certain customers. AI-powered chatbots don’t make errors and provide flawless and uninterrupted customer service.


  • Takes Care of Repetitive Tasks


IT service management personnel have to handle the same issues again and again. For instance, password resets are a common issue.  By delegating these types of tasks to a chatbot they are free to take up the really important customer issues which results in superior customer satisfaction.


  • Streamlines the Process

The human staff usually devote more time sifting through calls than working on resolving customer issues. AI-powered chatbots don’t have this drawback. No matter how many customers are calling up the customer care, each of them are attended to in real-time by chatbots.


  • No Training Process


IT service management staff needed to be trained about the technical details and soft skills. This usually involves expenditure of time, money and effort. AI-powered chatbots don’t need training. They start off immediately with instant results.


  • Superior ROI


Developing an AI-powered chatbot in house or buying the software off the shell may incur some cost. But in the long run this investment will yield manifold returns. This is because of flawless, quick and superior performance thanks to the software.


  • Automatic Delegation to Human Staff in Case of Inability to Resolve Issue


There may be cases where the chatbot is unable to fix the problem. In that case it routes the call to a human staff furnishing the details of the issue.




If your organisation is not using AI-powered chatbots now is the time to start. It will result in saving money and give your firm a competitive edge in the market. Customers do have expectations from organisations. AI-powered chatbots are not a luxury but a necessity. Lack of chatbots may lead customers to abandon your website. 


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