How a good UX design can save the IoT?

19/06/2024 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


Internet of Things that is IoT indeed has a lot of potential. IoT can pave the way for internet-connected devices that can not only connect but also act on the data that they receive. It is no wonder that the project has attained immense attention from big companies. However, while the idea is staggering, it seems to enjoy limited popularity in the real world as very few people are even aware of what the Internet of Things is. Thus, it is apparent that the gap between IoT and the user needs to be bridged. This is where UX design can be of immense help.

The problems faced by IoT

One of the significant issues that IoT has, is its perception. Most people are unaware of IoT, despite using it in the form of smartphones or TVs.

People find it hard to trust on IoT. Lapses in security are not uncommon in the world of the internet. Thus, people tend to be rather cautious when using any new technology as they do not want to put their privacy at risk.

IoT devices tend to be a bit difficult to set up and use. These days, people prefer to use things which would provide them with optimal ease, thus limiting the use of IoT.


Using UX design for the problems

UX design can play a significant role in enabling the users to extract maximum benefit from IoT.

Enhance user experience

As mentioned before, not many are aware of what IoT is all about. However, instead of putting in the time and effort to make them understand this, it would be better to explain to them how to use it. The users need to be provided with enough features that would attract them.

The designers should make it easier for users to use this technology to its full potential. Let them know about the benefits that IoT has to offer. Allow them to experience the benefits. Visible results and progress are what would win the users over. Elaborate UX designing can do the trick.




Most of IoT devices lack screens with more attention given to designed experiences. Compelling stories need to be used by the developers to ensure that the users engage with IoT.

Building trust

Good UX design would make it easier for the users to place their faith in IoT. A good design would deliver what the users expect, ensuring that the users do not feel stuck at any given point.

Problems related to security can also be dealt with to a large extent with a good UX design. The requirements are communicated to the users with clarity. The security set up is more engaging with clear instructions spelled out to the users at every step along the way.

Final words

The prospects that open owing to IoT cannot be denied. If mass adoption does start, things are going to change drastically for the better. IoT is a bit tricky to use and sometimes fails to deliver what the users want. However, if these issues are addressed via the UX design, one can be sure that IoT will go a long way


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