Google turning itself into an AI company

19/06/2024 20mins
Ajish Prakash


Since the entire digital market is evolving, it looks like Google has taken a multi-pronged pathway which would help the company in maintaining its rule over the ad and search business. After all, it makes up more than 50% of the company’s revenue.

With advancement in the Artificial Intelligence, the search trends are quickly migrating from the desktop to voice assistants built into mobile devices. This massive shift means that Google will have to adopt a wide usage of artificial intelligence technology. In other words, if Google has to survive, the company has no way other than to adapt itself.

While trying to maintain its rule over the search and ads market, Google also seems to be taking massive steps in the cloud computing and services market.

Back in October 2016, when the Pixel smartphones were launched, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai reflected on the importance of artificial intelligence. According to him, the technology sector is rapidly evolving from a mobile first to an artificial intelligence first world.

Since then, two major funds that are primarily meant for Artificial Intelligence have been launched by Google. These include the Google Assistant Investment Program and the Gradient Ventures.

The Gradient Ventures program was launched back in 2017, in the month of July. One of the biggest aims of this fund is to break itself off from the parent company once a significant level of investment has been gathered.

Atop that, a significant amount of funds have been reserved for the Google Assistant. The Google Virtual Assistant primarily revolves around artificial intelligence, taking voice commands from the consumers and processing them to conduct internet searches, setting up alarms, scheduling events, and a wide range of other tasks.

Moreover, Google has also ramped up the Research and Development fund, in order to focus on the machine learning capabilities.

Google’s struggle of turning itself into an Artificial Intelligence centered company is not just limited to funds and new ventures. Other than investing in AI projects, Google is also actively involved in the acquisition of artificial intelligence based startups over the last few years.

The acquisition of DeepMind was the first of Google’s forays into the world of Artificial Intelligence. This acquisition was worth of $600M and was planned in the month of January 2014. Currently, DeepMind is operating as a sub-branch of the parent company Alphabet.

In a relatively recent event, Google also managed to acquire an Indian company named Halli Labs, which also revolves around machine learning systems and deep learning. Along with that, another company called AIMatter has also be acquitted.

Later in November 2017, Google also managed to acquire Banter in order to develop the capabilities for natural language processing especially for their enterprise solutions such as Google Hangouts.

The frequency with which Google has been acquiring artificial intelligence based companies simply suggests that Google may end up being on top of the chain over the next few years. After all, the competition in the artificial intelligence sector is really high due to rapid development and huge funds being allocated for research and development.


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