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Good Reasons to Hire User Experience (UX) Consultants in 2022


Good Reasons to Hire User Experience (UX) Consultants in 2022


UX (User Experience) design can be defined as a mix of processes as well as tools employed to solve real life issues. Secondly it helps to deliver useful, reliable and engaging products/services. There are several companies in the global market that provide UX design services. Some organisations have separate division(s) dedicated to UX (User Experience) design. This field is booming currently and is expected to increase rapidly in the future as well.


In the modern era the quality of user experience determines the performance as well as success of websites and mobile apps. Currently User experience UX design services are in high demand globally.


The Redundant Past


Common tactics leveraged by businesses or individuals was to offer appealing aesthetics, high quality content and proven marketing techniques. However, this is mostly being used by competitors as well. The need of the hour is top end user experience. It is critical to look at your site and app from the perspective of a user. While stunning animation(s) or authoritative content may impress, they aren’t necessarily be able to establish customer loyalty or drive sales. Numerous enterprises fail to focus on user experience as they don’t realise the significance of quality UX design.


We take a look at the pros of employing better User Experience for your site or app


  • Make the Site/App Future Proof


UX designers anticipate user’s requirements and preferences in the beginning itself. As a result, the design is both scalable and changeable. Enterprises don’t have to extensively change the UX in the future. A bit of tweaking will be sufficient. A Future Proof strategy will ensure significant savings in terms of expenses, multiple resources and time.


  • Ramping up the Accuracy of Prototyping


An effective UX aids in delivering more accurate designs as well as mockups. This results in saving significant time during the design implementation phase.


  • Enhanced Estimation


Better comprehension of user’s requirements as well as the deliverable designed to address them results in improved estimation of the deliverables design as well as development expenses and effort involved.


  • Ensure that the Site/App Functions Across Different Browsers as well as Devices



People possess devices of different sizes such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and others. If your app or website works on all devices and browsers your company gets a larger user base. This results in more leads as well as conversions.


  • Boost SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Today major search engines such as Google rank sites on the quality of their respective user experience. To attain higher ranks the site should be responsive (able to fit different screen sizes) and offer superior ease of use. The site should load quickly, possess a well-organised structure as well as be pretty simple to navigate. All these qualities are elements of a quality user experience design.


  • Attract as well as Retain Customers



A stellar user experience empowers entities to have a major competitive edge in terms of customer acquisition as well as loyalty. If the site/app is intuitive and enjoyable to users the higher is the trust quotient. People tend to go by first impressions. Also, they are likely to revisit the site/app if they had previously pleasant and productive experience(s). Word of mouth publicity is an added bonus.


  • Improves Ability to Handle Traffic



Usually if a website takes a long time to load because of heavy traffic, the user will switch to another website. UX designers emphasise on the site’s traffic handling capacity to ensure quick loading speed.


  • Emphasise on Functionality Rather Than Appearance


Users are likely to leave a site even though it is attractive as it does not work properly. They prefer average sites with decent usability. Keeping this in mind UX designers provide a highly usable site or app.


  • Help in Boosting Sales



Satisfying customers leads to improved sales of a particular product/service. Remember that advertising to ramp up sales has its limitations. Ramping up organic engagement is a superior strategy.


  • Prevent Resource Wastage


UX designers ensure that UX design elements are perfect before proceeding further. Hence in a later stage programmers need not spend time and effort to change the UX design elements.


  • Raise User Engagement


The ideal time for any site to load is 3 seconds. Subsequently just 30 seconds is available to convert the visitor to a customer. The designers make sure that in each page of the website the visitor is clear about the next action to be taken. Appropriate design elements will help achieve improved user engagement.


  • Ramping Up Productivity


The UX design is made efficient and result driven by the UX designers. The properly aligned menus as well as layouts improve engagement and drive the workforce to be productive in their sub-tasks. Superior UX minimises errors and provides a seamless workflow for staff. Usage of light colours and highlighting important content lets visitors view important info quickly. Also, visitors can concentrate on the relevant data and avoid being distracted.


The Importance of Hiring Dedicated Professionals


Don’t make the mistake of trying to do UX design on your own or in-house. Unless you or your company has the requisite capabilities, you will waste valuable time, effort and money. Let the task be outsourced to professionals.


It is imperative to hire a reputed firm offering experienced UX consulting services. Research on the Internet or ask your contacts to shortlist the right company. The latter should have both expertise and experience in the user experience domain. Investing in user experience right now will yield manifold returns in the long run. In case yours is an eCommerce enterprise it is recommended to seek the services of an eCommerce user experience agency. For your knowledge, usually a UX design project is kicked off by User Experience Researchers.


Focaloid is a software products and services company operating in the UK and US market. The company has established as well as mature processes to transform the UX of websites and mobile applications. By the way, Focaloid is earnestly focused on User Research. Click on the below samples to view some of our work. Behance

You can safely rely on us for quality user experience consultants for the UK and the US.


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