Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic IoT Technologies and Trends

25/06/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


Today, a number of top technology trends regarding the internet of things have been highlighted by Gartner, Inc. According to Gartner, these technology trends have the capability of driving innovations in the digital business from the year 2018 up till the year 2023.

According to Nick Jones, who is the research vice president at Gartner, the Internet of things continues to allow new opportunities in the innovation of digital business. According to him, a number innovations have been driven by an improvement in the technology.

In this article, we aim to highlight the 10 strategic internet of things trends that have been highlighted by Gartner. These trends include the following:

Artificial intelligence

According to Gartner, about 14.2 billion things will be connected to each other for use in the year 2019. Moreover, this number if expected to reach an impressive amount of 25 billion by the end of the year 2021. As a result of this, a great amount of data will be produced.

Legal, ethical, and social internet of things

With the increasing age of the internet of things, there will be a number of ethical, social, and legal issues that may arise. For instance, the ownership of the data along with the deductions that will be made from the data may be an example.

Data broking and infonomics

It has been surveyed that about 35% of the respondents aimed to sell the data that was collected via their services and products last year. Based on the theory of infonomics, data can be monetized as it is considered as a business asset.

Shifting from the intelligent edge onto the intelligent mesh

In the internet of things space, we can expect a shift from the cloud to the edge architecture. However, this may not be the end point. Nevertheless, the mesh architecture will allow a more responsive internet of things system.

Internet of things governance

With the rapid expansion of the internet of things, there will be a need for a governance system which will ensure that appropriate behavior in the space exists.

Sensor innovation

It is expected that the sensor market will undergo rapid transformations by the year 2023. As a result of this, there will be new sensors available that will enable a lot of events and situations to get detected.

Trusted operating systems and trusted hardware

According to Gartner, security is the major concern for organizations who make use of the internet of things systems. As a result of this, a number of trusted hardware and operating systems will be developed.

Innovation in silicon chips

By the year 2030, new chips that will have a special purpose of reducing the power consumption may be developed as it will be the need of the time.

Wireless technologies for internet of things

In order to reduce the end point costs and to increase the quality of services, 5G wireless technology may have to be developed so as to support the capabilities of the internet of things.

Better user experience

Four factors that include new algorithms, new experience architectures, new context, and new sensors will make their way through in order to improve the experience of the internet of things.


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