Five Apps that help you to keep Pennies in Your Pocket!

13/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Worried about setting a perfect budget? At the end of the Month, you may find it hard to track all your income and expenses. Sometimes, you don’t have a clear idea where your pennies are flowing to. You might have been earning pretty good, but when it comes to set budgets, you may not give much attention to it. But if you are ready to dedicate a moment, you can set up and track your budget even on your smartphone. There are millions of personal apps available in your smart phone app store. It could help you set up right financial plans, keeps you alert about the upcoming bills, and debt management and lot more. In this article we are introducing some worthwhile applications that make your financial planning easy. We have managed to come up with a list of best apps to manage your finance on your android phone and iphone. makes all your financial accounts under one roof and it allows you to see the balance and transactions on your smartphone. Millions of people use mint to manage their personal finance. The award winning app gives you a consistent method to track all your income and expenses. Through this app, you can neatly organize your credit, loan and retirement accounts, and it also gives a clear picture about your financial status. The exceptional features of this app help you categorize and organize your transactions, along with the informative graphics. Bill reminders and low balance alerts help you ensure bills are paid on time.


BillGuard is one of the smart personal finance applications available in the app store. It helps to track all your spending and it also protects your credit card from fraud and errors. You can quickly view your financial status on your smartphone and you will get suspicious charge alert and data breach alert, in case any breach has occurred at a place where you’ve shopped, This app helps you to report the charge or contact the merchant and you will get your money back from the fraudulent charges. It makes your money management fast and easy. It’s truly a worthwhile application to save your money. This is one of the best recommended apps to save your time and money.


Save and spend all your money at a fingertip, and it is very useful for people who use paypal often. From the mobile app, you can track your account, send payments, and request funds. This secure application gives you the latest updates of your financial transactions. It also gives you an alert of where you should pause spending, and to start saving. Paypal also monitors all your financial activity and it gives you frequent updates to manage your money more intelligently.


This app will surely give a fresh new look to your financial plans. Forget about the boring calculations, you have been doing every day. Spendee helps you to track all your expense with the gorgeous and frictionless interface. You can see all your latest financial transactions depicted with attractive graphs. You will get a clear picture about your financial status in just a swipe.


Check is a credible financial app available in your app store. It helps to maintain and monitor your financial plans. It neatly arranges all your credit cards and bank account, all in one place. If your bills are due or funds are low, it will give you an alert. With this app, you never have to worry about the bills, miss payment or exceeded credit limits. You can pay your bills hassle-free on the spot, or schedule it later. This app may not give you tons of features, but it ensures safe and secure online payment, and it helps you keep money in your control.

Feel better when you swipe your cards next time. We hope, these apps can help you get rid of the headache of tracking your income and expense in a pretty good way, and it also makes your financial chores easy and fun. Give a try once and let us know your thoughts in comments.


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