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23/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


“Paper” is a very popular sketching app, introduced by FiftyThree Inc., initially for iPad and now expanded to iPhone as well. Since its launch in 2012, it has only broken records and the original Paper iPad version is the winner of Apple’s 2012 iPad App of the year. Besides its incredible technical performance that has created millions of users around the world, this 4+ rated app is working towards giving their customers more and better features through their new version updated on 10 December, 2015.

Paper got its biggest revamp in 2015 with its new version and FiftyThree Inc., plan to develop the app into the best productivity enhancing app by enabling users to both capture and connect their notes, photos, sketches,etc., and also easily export their ideas in popular professional formats like PDF, PPT, etc.

Key New Features of “Paper”

  • Text, Photos & Sketching : the new version of Paper allow users to add text, take a photo and even sketch their ideas in each note. The image support in the new version let users to easily take a photo using the app and then using the built-in drawing tools annotate it to create useful notes.
  • Swipe to Style : this feature let’s you add new pages, create lists, headlines, etc., in your note just by swiping your on the app with your pointing finger left and right. The creators truly realize that in our busy lives, every second and every note is important and to make sure users don’t miss any relevant details – swipe to style was incorporated.
  • Photo Spotlight : this feature makes one-on-one presentations and explanations more value adding than confusing. Photo spotlight allows you to easily spot the areas/detailings in the photos to which you wish to draw attention.


  • Diagram : diagrams form a great part of all presentations and makes presentations more useful. The autocorrect feature in Paper easily recognizes and corrects shapes drawn and help you create elegant and professional shapes, sketches, diagrams, etc.


  • Grid View : all the texts, photos, sketches are arranged in grid view format in Paper. Users can rearrange as per their wish into sub-heads like presentations, outlines, storyboards, etc.


  • Spaces : this allow users to organize each of their ideas in separate spaces. You can customize your each space with appropriate cover image and title.
  • More Export Options : your ideas are very precious and to present it the best way, Paper offers a wide range of export options for you to choose from. The options include – e-mail, facebook, twitter, Tumblr and all other popular social mediums as well as professional presentation formats like PDF, powerpoint presentation, keynote, etc.


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