Email is far from dead and mobile apps are the new rising stars

23/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Recent articles online showed that many institutions, far from the online and digital world, are now venturing into the frame of mobile apps.

Mobile apps was a phenomenon introduced into the latter half of the 21st century to combat the problems of the time constrained generations of the world. By introducing these real time working apps to socialize and get work done, the demographic who refuse to stray out into open sun, can get work done and information processed from the comfort of their bathrooms.

A situation that needs some light to be shed on it is the world of conversation journeys or the electronic mail or E-mail. The email was a revolutionary tool that bridged communication gaps across the turbulent waters of mobile connections and cost ineffectiveness, over the world wide web.

“It has been noticed through studies and findings that most companies have ventured into the world of online mobile apps to create a smoother channel of customer communication and advertising. By doing so, they increase the efficiency of their advertising process. This happened because the viability of emails did not appeal to them anymore because the option to overlook an email is evident from its format of queuing.

But what will surprise you is that despite the stupendous growth of Mobile Apps across all sectors of business and healthcare, email is still a thriving industry with a 23% stronghold over the communication channels and conversation journeys between clients and customers. “

Mobile Apps and Email: Equally Important For Your Business


For example, a recent study showed that 6 major Hospitals in the United States of America have started development of their own personal apps that will increase communication between their regular registered patients and clientele through a real time processing app. But the fact of the matter is that the link over Email communication cannot change for a stipulated number of reasons, one major reason being a secure link for confidential conversational journeys. Would you take it lightly if the hospital told you that you have Cancer over a software update? We don’t think so!

Similarly different sectors, even though have venture into the broad open horizon of mobile apps, they still prefer to maintain a link over Email as a communication channel.

Banking and finance were one of the first few industries to venture into the online world through net banking, mobile banking and finally payment portals. But the fact of the matter remains intact when we discuss the conversation journey which still remains the Email for all personal data collection and customer orientation and intimation. In other words, nothing is more secure than a good old fashioned email. The email sector has seen a 23% rise every year and is up 270% over the greater decade. So basically it’s going to be a long time before this ship runs out of steam because it’s running on nuclear fuel.

Question: 1

Now you must be wondering ‘Why on Earth is this obsolete form of communication still ruling the roost despite the advent of Mobile apps and Whatsapp?’

Well the answer is pretty obvious, if not clear.

Interaction by pin point! It has been observed that the retail marketing sector dominates 50% of the email cross channel, with Travel and finally healthcare at 15% and 12% respectively. So why? We’ll tell you why. The consensus is that despite the advent of Social media and online mobile portals, the world is ignoring the strenuous task of integrating old cache memory with the new portal and joining them together.

These different sectors are failing to understand the sector which is real time communication through mobiles only because emails serve the greater purpose of a private communication link. We are at a crossroads because the total interface integration process takes a lot of time and is time consuming. Moreover, email still has its perks. When it comes to hand held devices, loss of device and insecurity in web portals can result in data loss and manipulation. In other words, the age old phenomenon that we refer to as Email provides a sense of false security to the user as they feel they are impregnable, but the ugly truth is that the email is just as susceptible to hacks as a mobile app.

Question: 2

So clearly this can’t be the only reason that helps the email to thrive in this unfriendly world of competitive mobile apps. Then what is it?

It is again a fragment of human emotion called CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY.

“In a recent theoretical study conducted over a branch of 100 ventures and over half a billion individuals, 80%+ have stated that they like to receive emails from their clients and business retailers to sort of forge a sense of closeness to the company. In other words, it makes the human mind feel more warm and welcome.”

The email has a sense of belonging that caters to the human psychology and it is this very mental demand that has kept the email afloat, apart from the other reasons as well. Customers in all these ventures expect a smooth and personal experience in the communication channel from these companies because it helps them understand the gist of the situation from a one-on-one basis. So basically, the only thing standing in the way of integrating the email into the online digital world is the pain staking task of connecting them together. But it is not impossible! Just being ignored for now!

Also, some venture such as Facebook and Twitter etc, who have integrated the email with their digital world have understood that this combination is a marketing strategy from the gods if understood and put to use, a sort of holy grail that needs to be harnessed.

Hence in the ethos of the on-going growth of online marketing and digitization, Email is going to become the tendon of the bone and muscle of communication and become an integrated connecting fiber in this world. In other words, the email might evolve with time, but it’s clearly a dog that refuses to leave the battle bloodied and batter like its older counterparts.

Mobile apps are growing at a phenomenal pace, but the email is managing to keep up. Only future statistics can prove us wrong.


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