Does Wearable tech improve mental health?

19/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


According to most of the people in the United Kingdom who make use of fitness bands and smartwatches think that the wearable devices allow a significant improvement in their overall mental health.

According to 55% of the customers who use the wearable devices say that their mental health has been better ever since they started wearing their devices. This is even more common among the people that range above the 30 – 40 age group.

Apart from that, 72% of the people who use wearable fitness trackers say that their physical health has improved ever since they started wearing their gadgets. This is primarily because they felt motivated after wearing their gadgets.

According to surveys that have been conducted, around 18 percent of the users wear their devices three to six times a week. Only about 7% people did not use their wearable gadgets after buying them.

According to a Mintel technology analyst, Andrew Moss, the wearable technology primarily had a focus on the fitness and the tracking speed along with the tracking of calories and the distance that a person has covered. However, today, the technology allows a number of other greater functions that includes reading text messages, using applications on the smartwatches, and listening to music.

This is primarily because most of the smartwatches offer Bluetooth functionality that can be used to connect to the mobile phone. Take, for instance, the apple watch. The apple watch makes use of the IOS firmware and has plenty of dedicated applications of its own.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to quantify all the improvements that have been made in this area. However, many Britons strongly agree that by using their wearable device, their overall mental health has improved. This is primarily because the users of wearable technology had a greater focus on their physical health as compared to those who do not own such devices.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that wearable devices offer users a number of benefits such as keeping a track of their stress levels and their sleeping schedules. It allows them to participate in calming exercises and mindfulness.

As a result of this, the number of Britons who own a wearable smartwatch has significantly increased. It has been estimated that around 18 percent of Britain today own a wearable smartwatch. Indeed, the popularity of smartwatches in the United Kingdom has significantly been increasing ever since their health benefits have been discovered.

It has however been surveyed that men are more likely to make use of smartwatches as compared to women. Still, the number of women that are showing great interest in wearable technology has been increasing. It was estimated that in the year 2016, there were about 11% of women who preferred wearable devices. Later in the year 2017, this percentage simply went up to 18%. Although this is not a very steep rise, it does indicate an increase in the number of women who are finding interest in such devices.

According to the forecasts that are made by Mintel, this year, more than 4.2 million wrist-worn smartwatches and similar devices may get sold. While last year, this number was just below four million.


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