The Client

Loyalie is a startup providing a suite of loyalty solutions specific to Real Estate. Top developers use their solutions to manage customer and channel partner loyalty. 5 out of 15 top real estate builders in India including Mahindra Lifespaces, Godrej Properties, Tata Housing and Lodha Group use Loyalie.

Service Offerings


Architecture Design
Backend Development
Frontend Development
Quality Assurance

Tech Stack Used

Java, Sprint boot

Angular 10







Review Board


Docker deploy

Problem Statement

Currently the client was doing manual deployment and they faced significant downtime every time there was a new release. The client’s application was built on Java Springboot and Angular. The client wanted to implement a CI/CD pipeline to automate their builds and introduce dockerization. In addition to this they also wanted to introduce code reviews and adherence to coding standards to improve code quality.

  • To automate the process of application build & dockerization
  • To ensure the code that is written follows certain standards


  • We installed & configured Review Board. On code commit, the code is shared for review and the commit is approved after review.
  • Request for review for all spring boot application commits.
  • We dockerized the spring boot and angular application.
  • DevOps integration was implemented using Jenkins.
  • We set up Jenkins for building docker images for both the spring boot and angular application. If the commit is on the dev branch, the docker is pushed to the dev server. If the commit is on the release branch, the docker will be tagged and saved to docker hub.

Deployment Architecture

We implemented a blue green production deployment architecture using Nginx


Some of the major challenges overcome during this project are:

  • Reviewboard script/hook setup for multiple environments.
  • Jenkins misfiring multiple builds for a commit.


The proposed solution and architecture were successfully implemented and tested. After implementing the solution

  • The code review ensure of quality
  • Deployment for testing is streamlined

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