Blockchain opening opportunities in new industries

24/06/2024 20mins
Ajish Prakash


Nowadays, everyone seems to be talking about blockchains and their applications. This was the technology that was invented as the Bitcoin cryptocurrency core. However, a number of complex operations in businesses are being transferred to the blockchain, along with entire branches.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, there are a number of different applications that can be developed on the decentralized ledger. It turns out that there is a wide range of industries that are using this technology in order to reap its benefits, from product authenticity confirmation to data storage.

Before moving forward, let us talk a little about the blockchain. In simpler terms, a blockchain is a record of distributed digital data that maintains transactions that is constantly growing. Each of the transaction get hashed and is included in separate blocks it is not possible to alter or modify the blocks that contain the information regarding the transactions. Atop that, a blockchain is a network that is totally decentralized. This means that there is no single entity or an organization that control it at its heart. This is primarily because two autonomous parties are responsible for that transactions, and there is no need for a third party to complete the transactions.

What type of opportunities is being opened by the blockchain in new industries?

We all are aware of the role that which blockchains play in cryptocurrency transactions. So now, let us consider a number of opportunities that have been opening by the use of blockchain, in a range of different industries.

  • Healthcare industry
    Healthcare organizations are able to build secure electronic records for the storage of their patient data with a great amount of trust and reliability, by using the blockchain technology. Atop that, the information regarding the survey of medicine trials whenever a new medicine is being manufactured can also be stored in the ledger. This essentially means that no medicine company could modify the results so as to get it in line with their personal preferences. All in all, this increases the security and authenticity of medical surveys.

  • Digital Rights
    When it comes to digital rights, blockchain creates a wonderful opportunity for their protection. This could serve musicians, digital content distributors of all types, authors, and content creators.

  • Insurance
    The insurance industry is another industry that is reaping the benefits of the blockchain. Whether it is casualty insurance, property insurance, or house insurance, blockchain technology creates a lot of opportunities for each and every one of these. For instance, travel insurance carries various challenges. By using the blockchain technology, travel agencies are able to protect customer flights from cancellations or delays.

  • Security
    Companies that provide security solutions are perhaps repaying the greatest benefits of the blockchain technology. There are a number of ways in which blockchain can increase the security of processes in an organization. These include a significant reduction in human errors, secure data communications and secure transactions, protection from illegal goods in the supply chain, and a lot more. Indeed, this will remove a number of security concerns which almost every industry has.


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