Artificial Intelligence shaping business intelligence

19/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


Artificial Intelligence constantly continues to integrate into the everyday life of people even though it is quite a new technology. It has already made a big impact on the manufacturing and innovation industries and is set out to impact a greater number of industries in the next 2 to 3 years.

With every passing day, artificial intelligence is undergoing a transformation in order to match the characteristics of human intellect, and human behavior in order to deliver personalized experiences to customers. The industrial and business sector has reaped the greatest benefits out of this technology.

In this article, we talk about a number of ways in which artificial intelligence is shaping business intelligence.

Today, a big number of stakeholders in the market have developed better efficiencies, and have strengthened their streams of revenue. Atop that, many have even revolutionized their business models. IBM and Google would be a good example. For this, most of the credit goes to the recent developments in artificial intelligence.

Apart from that, organizations usually end up facing a number of losses all because of the cyber attacks that they face. These attacks come from online hackers, who target the vulnerabilities in a system. An evolution in the field of artificial intelligence now means that there has been a significant level of improvement in the cyber security solutions, which are now equipped with better tools so as to foresee the cyber attacks and to investigate them. At the same time, these systems can also be used to figure out all the gaps in the security systems so as to prevent a loss.

For a lower cost, it looks like business productivity has also increased in general due to artificial intelligence. After all, every business aims to lower the operational costs that included costs for errors and mistakes. However, the artificial intelligence systems now carry the capabilities of minimizing these failures and mistakes, so as to cut the losses out. As a result of this, businesses have become more intelligent and are able to work with higher efficiency and precision in the operations.

Atop that, artificial intelligence systems also happen to be far stronger in terms of computational abilities as compared to humans. This allows these systems to carry out thousands of transactions in a single second. As a result of this, it is possible to compute large sets of data within a short amount of time. If relied on human labor alone, these processes may require hard labor worth thousands of hours.

Moreover, businesses are now utilizing the artificial intelligence programs for analytics, in order to rectify the productivity drains and to identify them. Such systems can also be used to improve the maintenance plans, the inventory order, and to discover better ways to carry out operations.

One of the biggest applications of artificial intelligence is that it is helping businesses in developing a better customer trust relationship, and customer loyalty. By using artificial intelligence, businesses can now understand their customers better and can figure out what their audience needs. There are a number of websites and programs that make use of an advanced database, storing information of the customers in order to help businesses in offering a personalized customer service using artificial intelligence. AI systems primarily analyze the huge chunks of data from both the inventory and the customer side. As a result of this, predictions regarding the behavior of the customers can be made.


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