Artificial Intelligence revolutionizing digital marketing

19/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


Digital marketing and artificial intelligence both are related to each other. Artificial intelligence is an extremely diverse technology that can analyze, apply information, learn information, and collect data. Using all of these capabilities, it is now transforming the digital marketing.

As artificial intelligence is expanding itself, its capabilities are also expanding due to which digital marketing is also improving at a very rapid speed.

Let us consider the ways in which artificial intelligence has changed the digital marketing strategy for good.

The one thing that makes a digital marketing strategy good is the outstanding customer experience. A customer is only likely to become recurring and develop some brand loyalty, only if the audience can relate to the content. Otherwise, the audience may simply ignore it.

It is possible to use artificial intelligence to make it possible to collect the information and to figure out what type of content is most relevant to people. Such decisions can be made based on factors such as the old behavior, history, and the location of the users. When this is done, users get a very personalized experience that the brand is designed for them on a personal level.

Apart from that, Artificial Intelligence may also be a big game changer when it comes to the shopping experience on the internet. This is because augmented reality is expanding really well because of which it is possible for users to try a product such as clothing to see if it actually suits them before buying it. Now, there are plenty of applications that can be used to see whether an item of clothing will suit you or not.

As a result of this, the number of returns may be decreased to a significant level and it will be possible to engage clients with a particular brand.

Apart from that, there is a lot of improvement in voice technology because of artificial intelligence. When this is combined with digital marketing, a great number of good results can be obtained. Nowadays, it is possible for companies to use virtual assistants such as SIRI, Google Home, and Alexa. By doing it correctly, it is possible to move the brand on top of the voice search results.

Moreover, it is also possible for artificial intelligence to personalize the experience of a customer based on the previous experience. Apart from that, it is also possible to predict the existing and new customer behavior. This will allow companies to design products based on the requirements of the customer to ensure that the brand remains successful.

As a result of this, it is possible to personalize the needs of the profiles and journey allowing businesses to target the leads and to eliminate the not so effective marketing strategies.

While the technology is not totally perfect as of yet, artificial intelligence today is capable enough to personalize the experience of a customer based on the past behavior. Apart from that, it can also be used to interpret data and to analyze it, in order to teach the machine better ways via machine learning.


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