Artificial Intelligence and the future of PR

19/06/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


From Alexa to Google Maps, we use AI all the time every day. AI has made a great impact on the communications industry and marketing. However, this article will highlight what Artificial Intelligence means for the future of PR.

What is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence is a collection of tools, technologies, and algorithms designed to make machines smart. They are built to work in a more effective manner than humans can. At its core, AI requires lots of data and employs iterative processing and detailed algorithms. It learns from the fixed patterns present in data. You can think of Artificial Intelligence as an umbrella term which also includes machine learning.

Future of AI in PR
When it comes to PR, Artificial intelligence technology can do a lot including:

* Helps in generating data-driven content
* Tackles crisis management
* Foreseeing media trends

You must be wondering how a PR agency can utilize AI in their daily operations? Well, let's take the example of Google. Google employs AI to enhance the performance of people, help them attain their goals while saving on time which can be utilized to spend on other creative ventures. Thus, as a PR professional, you can also use AI to perform regular tasks smartly.

AI’s  Use in PR
There has been a slow but stable approach towards the use of AI by PR professionals. PR pro can realize many benefits of AI by following these ways:

Data-Driven PR Campaigns
Artificial Intelligence is programmed to comb through a colossal amount of data and find out the features that can eventually lead to a successful campaign. With AI’s machine learning and automation, PR professionals don't need to do guesswork anymore. Instead, their decisions are made on facts and insights. Apart from doing things at a faster pace, AI allows PR professionals to make data-driven decisions like evaluating the best time to start a campaign, where to deploy it, which bloggers to engage and so on.

Automate day-to-day Tasks
AI technology automates repetitive tasks that do not require much creativity. A type of AI, known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps business pro in automating various operations. It helps in the performance of many tasks that includes scheduling calendars, creating meeting notes, setting due dates, and send out follow-ups. Eventually, automation saves time and resources which they can devote in some other project.

Sentiment Analysis and Crisis Management
Let's face it. Being prepared for any crisis is crucial. As a matter of fact, an online crisis today can go global as fast as an illness. This is why PR professionals should use AI technology for crisis management and sentiment analysis. AI scans a plethora of elements and forecasts serious threats that are likely to result in a failure. Through Natural Language Processing, AI can even understand human emotions and thus can be used for sentiment analysis. This way, AI technology allows PR professionals to realize the difference between various tones, vocabulary, and language context. This allows PR companies to launch a campaign that would be able to deal with negative situations.

In the future, PR agencies would not be left with a choice, but to embrace AI for a  stronger grip on PR operations.


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