AR apps that help you in everyday life

22/05/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


In the world where smartphones are the new hype, many people have heard about augmented reality. This is where the digital information that you can see on your smartphone can be applied to the environment. One just scans his work area using his smartphone and he can instantly gain access to the information regarding that object.

Augmented reality can be best seen on a compass, GPS, and camera. The camera provides a view of the actual environment while the compass and the GPS provide the exact location of the user.

Other relevant information that you can gain from GPS is that you can get information about apartments that are for rent in your area. You will be able to identify the nearest restaurant that delivers your favorite fried chicken, and a lot more.

Here are some of the apps that you should consider when it comes to augmented reality.

1. World Browser Wikitude


This is a useful application where the user simply scans his environment using his smartphone. He can then gain valuable information that is not available to other tourists who are not using Wikitude. The user can know more about the place he is in. He can also locate the most popular bakery in the place and he will know how to travel from Point A to Point Z using this very useful app.

2. Parkometer Augmented Reality


 Also read related articles:This is a very useful app for drivers who love to park at their favorite restaurants or shopping districts. The appwill be able to tell you accurately how much time you have left on your parking meter. There will also be accurate information about where the car was left. There are views that can help the driver tell the distance of the next parking disc to his car. There’s a trial version available for anyone who is interested. However, the trial version can only have a limited time of 30 minutes while the paid version has unlimited ones.

3. Augment


If you are out shopping for posters, then this app is for you. Augment can put posters of any sizes to your room with the help of AR. You can choose a poster, take a photo of it, and actually see for yourself how well it looks when you place it in your room. You even have the option to enlarge, rotate, and reduce the photos until you are satisfied. You can get this app through the Play Store if you are using Android phones.

4. Reality Browser by Layar

If you are new to a town and want to explore its hidden treasures, then download the Layar app. You will be able to find and know more information about the place that you are in. These pieces of information can include bus stops, workshops, police stations, attractions, restaurants, and a lot more. The content is from Qype, Google, and Yelp to ensure that you get accurate information when you search for restaurants in a certain place.


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