Apps converting Malls to Smart Malls

24/06/2024 20mins
Shaibana S


E-Commerce players are successful in that they know their customers very well. Online stores need to know their customer details to provide a download to a digital product. With information about past purchases, online stores can predict their clients’ behavior. This helps them target their consumers, leading to high conversion rates.

Whereas Malls, on the contrary, focus more on their tenants than the consumers. Though Mall owners are aware of the consumers within their reach they have to reach out to these consumers on a one-to-one basis and here is where Smart Malls excel.

Smart malls build up a database of shoppers and engage shoppers through personalized communications. In this way, malls are different from e-commerce players. If online stores can reach out to anyone in the world, malls are confined to the consumers within their area. So they can only capitalize on having more footfalls

Smart malls are all about data

Smart malls are data-driven. And the data is extracted from the customer’s interaction with the malls. The malls would find use with the demographics, interests and the behavior of the consumer shopping. This is obtained by following the shopping journey of the consumers who frequent the mall.

Mobile Apps creating the user experience

Mobile Apps are used to track this shopping pattern while providing the consumer with a wonderful user experience. Here is how it creates the user experience.

If suppose you have a meeting over lunch with a friend and during this visit you need to buy a cosmetic you happened to see in an ad and in between you also want to visit a couple of stores to purchase grocery and clothes. Just add them to your list.

It is also important to know which parking to use. You can just open the mall app and search for the shops in your list. The app will point to the appropriate parking lot and when you arrive at the entrance the app welcomes with a message. You can just slide the message to start with the internal navigation.

The pointer is onto the store and in seconds it will guide you to the store. In a while, it will also send reminders about the special offers in the store and also about the available points in the redeem coupons. You are intimated about the loyalty program and can gain points if shared with others.


The app then reminds and guides you to the other stores similarly and when you are hurrying back, you can use the ‘find my car’ options to locate your car which will take you through the easiest route to reach your car. The parking fee can be easily transferred through the app without having to wait in queues.

This is the user experience with the app, which leaves any consumer happy, contented and at peace.

And going through the journey the app was able to track the demographics, the interest and the behavior of the shopping pattern.

The advantage Malls have over online stores is that they can better the shopping experience through sight, sound, motion, and smell. This experience can also be utilized to target in-mall communications to shoppers. Smart Malls can use the data collected, to send the right communication to the right shoppers at the right time.

Smart Malls optimizing on data

Malls acquire a large number of data with which they can optimize marketing efforts. They can extract patterns and make recommendations for marketing activities. What Smart malls do is that they connect all the data to a single reporting platform which updates them on the latest marketing performance. The dashboard, can save time and money and can be directed for actual marketing activities.

Who benefits from the Smart Mall?

The customer gets to enjoy a peaceful journey. The shops get to reach out to a larger audience which will help promote their products, target the right customers and eventually drive more traffic.

The mall manager can conceive actions, get insights and monitor performances while the mall owners can have direct insights with witnessing more footfalls leading to an increase in the turnover.


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