Amazon improving its cloud efficiency using ARM-based processor

23/07/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


Based on recent news, Amazon is planning to make use of ARM-based Graviton processor in order to improve the efficiency of its cloud computing services. The top of the chain e-commerce giant claimed that the deployment of this process may result in savings of more than 45 percent.

There is no doubt that Amazon is the key player in the cloud computing sector, throughout the globe. The e-commerce giant delivers its cloud computing services under the hood of Amazon Web Services which is Amazon’s cloud business worth of more than $27 billion.

Based on a paid subscription, the Amazon Web Services provide cloud computing solutions to enterprises, governments, companies, and individuals on-demand.

The prime reason why Amazon has planned to make use of the ARM-based processor, essentially changing the entire technology that makes up its cloud services, is to increase the performance and to save up the costs. It is expected that the latest system that is to be deployed, will give the company an advantage based on performance-per-dollar.

As far as the processor goes, it includes 64Bit Neoverse cores and is based on the 16 nm Cosmos processor platform. Atop that, the processor works on Cortex A72 64Bit core and also features clock frequencies that go up to 2.3 GHz. Atop that, the server makes use of AMD and Intel processors.

There are a number of advantages that Amazon will enjoy from the deployment of this new technology. This increases its ability to license the Arm blueprints through Annapurna. Atop that, it is also expected that Amazon will be able to tweak these designs and to customize them while having the ability to go to manufacturers like Global Foundries in order to get competitive chips manufactured.

According to James Hamilton, an independent engineer, it is quite exciting to see what benefits customers could get from the newly public AWS Graviton processor.

In other news, a custom ASIC primarily dedicated to Artificial Intelligence Inference is being developed. This ASIC is known as Inferentia and is majorly being designed for Amazon. As a result of this, it might be possible for Amazon to scale itself up to thousands of trillions of operations in. a single second which will further reduce the costs significantly. As a result of this, we are certain that Amazon is equipping itself up with great tools in order to compete in the rapidly evolving cloud computing sector.

All in all, the Graviton processor happens to be very energy-efficient already if compared with the chips that are based on an Intel processor. The Intel-based chips are used by other giants in the cloud storage sector such as IBM and Microsoft. However, according to Amazon, the Graviton processor has further been optimized for increased savings and a high performance which could scale up the workload.

In other news, features based on the Internet of Things are also under the pipeline and will be introduced by the AWS soon. Known as IOT SiteWise, the new feature by Amazon is capable of responding and detecting the failures of equipment by tapping into the IOT enabled sensors in various facilities.


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