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All About Software Product Engineering


All About Software Product Engineering


Software product engineering has become a standard among software development companies as well as software developers. The former is confused with software development. Though both processes share some similarities in practice they are fundamentally different.


Introduction to Software Product Engineering

Software product engineering takes responsibility for everything involved in a particular software product’s journey right from ideation to maintenance and support. As per industry experts, the product engineering services market will reach $1.4 Trillion by the year 2027. If you have a new or promising idea but do not know how to build a software product to implement that idea there is no need to worry or abandon the idea. There are many firms offering software product engineering services. They have the necessary skills to bridge the gap between your existing capabilities and the necessary expertise to design, build, test, deploy and maintain your dream software product. By opting for this route, the responsibility of the product is outsourced saving you considerable time, money, and effort. Also, it saves you hassles in case problems crop up or other insurmountable challenges during the software product development lifecycle.


There are many product engineers in the market today as well as several organizations offering stellar product engineering services. Most competent and quality outsourcing firms have a dedicated department for product engineering. Their product engineers come armed with the necessary technical, and domain skills as well as managerial expertise and experience. You are in safe hands if you choose the right outsourcing firm. The investment in hiring the firm’s services will ensure that your product is flawless, looks great, performs seamlessly, and meets all your requirements.


What are the Responsibilities of a Product Engineer?


He/She is involved in the software project for a long period. The engineer contributes to product planning by identifying user and business expectations. Also, he/she is updated about the budget allocated and project deadline. During the development stage, he/she gives useful inputs and looks out for roadblocks in the software development process. While software developers usually come in during the software development phase product engineers are involved in the project right from the start to the deployment and maintenance phases.


The product engineer is responsible for ensuring that the product succeeds after it is released in the market. He/she ensures that the product is technically as well as commercially feasible. Also, the product is significantly better than the products developed by the company’s competitors. Remember the product engineer is not limited to a single phase of the entire software development lifecycle. He/she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the product’s quality is top-notch and after-sales support is stellar.


Product engineers offer valuable suggestions on how to bring down the costs of the software project and how to speed up product development so that the product can be released in the market well before time. As such the product will enjoy the first mover’s advantage and bring the owner ramped-up revenues and profits. Competent product engineers also give inputs on what technologies to use to develop the software product. Thanks to extensive research done from their end they know the advantages and drawbacks of multiple software development technologies. So, they offer the development team several stellar technologies to choose from. Also, they recommend the best design tools to craft the designs of the deliverables. 


Major Goals of Software Product Engineering


We look at what results to expect from the product supervised by a qualified and trained software product engineer(s).


  • Comprehensive and Easy to Understand Documentation


Develop exhaustive and comprehensive documents that contain all relevant information about the product in simple and clear language. These range from technical details to user manuals, and functional aspects. This step is significant as it enables the users to comprehend how a particular product functions and how they can use it for their requirements.


  • Adequate Compliance


The final product should adhere to all the relevant industry standards. As a result, the deliverable is safe and ready to use. The product engineer’s responsibility is to make sure he/she has thorough knowledge and understanding of the pertinent regulations. More importantly, the product should satisfy the needed guidelines so that the product owner and users are protected.


  • Complete Validation


This involves verifying whether the relevant product satisfies each of the requirements. The quality assurance team is responsible for this phase. User Acceptance testing must be carried out in full. As a result, the product is completely ready for release in the intensely competitive market.


  • Assured Durability


The product’s quality should not deteriorate even with extensive or long-term use. The product engineer ensures that the products have the capability to last and that performance is the same even after years of use.


  • Full-fledged Functionality


The product must do whatever it was designed for. The former should perform satisfactorily with no bugs or downtime. The product engineer thoroughly tests the work to find out whether it works properly and if there are no performance-related issues. Only then is the product allowed to be released in the market. All the planned features and functionality should be incorporated into the final software product.


  • Ease of Use


The deliverable’s front end must be extremely user-friendly as well as intuitive to be regarded as highly usable. The product engineer works from the onset so that the user interface and user experience are built keeping the end-users in mind.


  • Stellar Quality


The product must perform optimally and be superior to similar products in the market. All aspects of the product should be excellent and have high standards. The product engineer strives to ensure that the delivered product surpasses end-user expectations.


Major Stages of Software Product Engineering


  • Strategy


This is the first step of the software product engineering life cycle. Ideas are presented to various stakeholders. Domain specialists and market researchers evaluate whether it is worth the effort to develop the product and identify associated risks. Documentation of the desired requirements and specifications is done for future reference. 


  • Software Product Design


Subsequent to determining whether the idea will work, the design of the proposed software product commences. This includes the user interface and the technical as well as functional aspects. The mandatory features as well as optional features are determined. This stage involves technical architects, design specialists as well as product managers. User experience is also developed. The technical architecture is finalized. 


  • Product Building


In this stage expert and clear guidance is provided to the coders by the product manager, design team as well as technical architects. State-of-the-art processes and practices are leveraged in the software development stage. Quality software product development mandates exemplary software development skills as well as technical and managerial expertise. The product manager decides whether to do the development in-house or outsource it to an established software development firm.


  • Evaluate Whether the Product Works Properly


Quality assurance activities are carried out to ensure that the software product has all the planned functionality. Also, testing is done to find out whether is it easy to use and offers an outstanding user experience.  The current trend is to have automated testing and have real users test the product to evaluate whether it works satisfactorily. Meticulous quality checks are carried out in this critical stage to determine whether the software product is ready for the market.


  • Deployment Stage


After the deliverable is ready, it is put on the market so that customers could offer suggestions for improvement. The deliverable is then suitably modified and re-released. In this stage, customers have imparted training on how to use the software product to maximum benefit. As per demand customization can be made to the software product so that it is more useful.


  • Maintenance Stage


If the end-user of the software product experiences performance issues or bugs that must be taken care of. If the technology used to develop the product becomes obsolete, then there is a need to upgrade the software product. If the user wants enhancements or the market demands change the software product must be altered accordingly. Ideally, there should be 24X7 support to fix the software product issues and customer support representatives available online to satisfactorily answer customer queries and alleviate their concerns.




Instead of trying to do everything yourself, it is a smart move to hire a professional product engineering firm to develop your dream software product. While excellence in technology and relevant domains are good signs, look at other factors too such as how motivated and committed their product engineers are. Also, look at how they treat their clients. Are they respectful, empathetic, and courteous? Ask around for references from your team members and trustworthy sources. Speak to the past and present clients of the product engineering firms at length to determine how cooperative, understanding, and transparent the firm and its employees are.


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