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All About Custom Software Development Solutions


All About Custom Software Development Solutions

Today is the era of custom software development solutions. Individuals and/or organizations are increasingly demanding software solutions that are relevant to their respective needs and preferences. They are ready to wait and spend more on custom software development solutions. For your information, there are many outsourcing firms that have mastered the art of crafting tailor-made software solutions. Most companies have realized that investing time, money, and effort in developing custom software fetches enhanced returns in the long term. As per industry experts, this trend is only going to rise in the future.

What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is the process of designing and developing software products and/or services as per the specific and unique requirements of an individual or organization. Generic software has a large number of features. Companies buying generic software may not need all the features. Yet they have to dole out funds for unnecessary functionality. That is definitely not the case when it comes to custom software development solutions.

Pros of Choosing Custom Software Development Solutions

  • Save on Hardware Costs

Generic Software may work only on specific hardware. So, if you don’t have the necessary hardware you will have to allocate funds to purchase it from the market.  If you opt for custom software you don’t have to buy extra hardware as the software is designed to work on your existing hardware.

  • Obtain Competitive Edge

Leveraging custom software staff gets a user-friendly interface, manual processes are automated and there is faster response to client grievances. Additionally, there is less downtime and superior performance unmatched by generic software. You are able to provide a superior user experience when benchmarked against your competitors in the market.

  • Fewer Integration Issues

If you already have software modules the generic software has to integrate with it for your business to function properly. But often the generic software is not designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Or it is complex and difficult to achieve integration. So, you have to invest valuable human resources, finance, effort and time to implement seamless integration. Custom software is designed and developed keeping your existing software and hardware in mind. So, the former integrates smoothly with the existing infrastructure of your organization.

Cons of Choosing Custom Software Development Solutions

  • Absence of Community Support

Generic software is usually supported by a large community of users. This is because many entities buy and use copies of generic software. Hence many copies of generic software are present in the market. If you have bought the generic software and you face any problem you can approach the community for support and help. Custom software mostly is not backed by any large community.

  • May be Expensive

Even if the cost of developing generic software is high, a single copy is relatively cheap as the generic software is sold to many clients. On the other hand, there may be only a single client for the customized software. So, the cost of customized software is high.

  • Significant Waiting Period

Mostly generic software is ready to be used. All you have to do is pay the market price and install it on your computers and your business is up and running. To develop customized software there is a process to be followed which takes some time. It is unlikely that a customized solution is already available in the market. The delay may mean that you are not available for business right away. This may lead to existing clients abandoning you as they may not tolerate delays. Prospective clients may not be converted as your operations are stalled. As a result of the downtime, your company’s reputation may suffer. Your business may not generate revenue till the customized software is available to you and ready to use. 

Process of Creating Customized Software

A systematic process needs to be adhered to obtain quality customized software. We take a look at the necessary steps.

  • Determine Desired Design, Features, and Functionality

You may want a user-friendly interface and navigation, fast-loading pages, the ability of the custom software to look good and complete on small screens, state-of-the-art security, and more. E-commerce transactions should be convenient and happen quickly. Note all the requirements down. This is because you may forget certain items later if you keep the list in your mind. Keep a hard copy as well as a soft copy of the list in secure locations.

  • Hold an Exhaustive Discussion

You have now identified the problem areas. Next, you and your team should come up with suitable and effective solutions for them. Different individuals have different experiences and perspectives. So, they may come up with new ideas or valuable suggestions that you may have missed. Note to value the opinions of each member of the team.

  • Define and Clarify Objectives

These should be measurable. Examples include how many Ecommerce transactions can happen simultaneously and the scalability of the software. Arrange the goals by priority. Eliminate unrealistic items. Evaluate whether the technology exists to create your custom product. Check for commercial feasibility. Can you afford the development cost? Will you get a return on investment? How much time will it take to recover your investment? These are important and relevant queries.

  • Decide on Who Should do the Custom Software Development

If you have the in-house capacity, hardware, network, and software resources you may consider doing the software project yourself. But if the human resources are engaged in some other important activity, it is better to allocate the software project to an outsourcing firm specializing in custom software development solutions. It is advisable not to hire freelancers as they abandon your project mid-way without providing an adequate substitute. Better to hire large and established players with a sound reputation.

  • Build and Test

Develop the software as per the approved design. Test early and often to see if the software has the desired functionality and is free of bugs.

  • Meticulous Documentation

This step is important keeping the future in mind. It helps in the effective maintenance of the custom software solution.

Some Types of Custom Software Development Solutions

  • Customized for Different Platforms

  • Cloud-based Custom Software Development Solutions

The software is not hosted on the local machine or server. The custom software is deployed on remote servers. The latter is referred to as the cloud. Users can use the software as a subscription model. A fixed monthly or yearly rate is charged for using the cloud software. Cloud providers may provide customized software as per demand. While generic software is available in real-time it may take time, effort, and money to develop and deploy customized software. Cloud-based generic software is cheaper as many users can share the same type of software. Usually, cloud-based customized software can be used only for the specific user it was specifically designed for. So, the cost of renting customized software is higher as compared to renting generic software. For your information, SaaS (Software as a Service) is the term used to refer to software services provided from a cloud platform.

  • Mobile-Based Custom Software Development Solutions

The software that runs on smartphones is called an app. While you can buy generic apps from the marketplace it is always better to have your own customized apps.

  • Desktop-Based Custom Software Development Solutions

This kind of software runs on standalone machines. It is ideal for small companies having no branches in other locations. The machine is not connected to the Internet. Examples of such software include video games, spreadsheets, inventory management software, and more. A customized solution makes the company more productive and efficient. Ease of use means that customers are attended to in less time and there are fewer or no errors in customer service. The result is an expanded customer base and enhanced company reputation

  • Technology-Based Custom Software Development Solutions

  • IoT (Internet of Things) based Custom Software Development Solutions


This is a trending technology with huge future potential. In this architecture, data flows from and to several devices. Custom software development solutions are designed to consolidate numerous devices to work for a single significant goal.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Custom Software Development Solutions

Here, manual processes are automated. Future market trends and customer behavior can be predicted with astounding accuracy in real time. AI is here to stay and so is the increasing demand for AI-powered custom software development solutions.

How Do You Calculate the Expense of Developing Custom Software Development Solutions?

This is a very important and crucial question. The total and accurate expense varies based on a few relevant and important factors. Is there data to be migrated? What is the size of the software? How much integration has to be done with on-premises software? How interconnected and complex is the software? Which software and hardware technology are used? In which country is the software developed? What are the educational qualifications and years of experience of members of the whole software development team? How much time do you have to develop the custom software?

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