AI technologies to Look Forward to in 2019

20/05/2024 20mins
Ajish Prakash


To create and offer more value, technology experts are always looking for innovative ways in which artificial intelligence can be used effectively in the businesses. It is important to note that not all artificial intelligence technologies are worth the investment of money and time. This article will provide a list of 19 AI technologies that companies could look forward to in the coming future.

1. Speech Recognition

You might be familiar with Siri, however, Siri is only one system that can understand whatever you say. Nowadays, companies are coming up with apps and systems that are responsive to voice and are interactive at the same time. Some companies doing this include: NICE and OpenText.

2.  Natural Language Generation

It is a sub-discipline of AI, used for converting data into text and in the field of customer service, in order to generate market summaries and reports. Some of the companies that provide this technology include: SAS, Digital Reasoning and more.

3.  Machine Learning

This is a branch of AI and is being used for classification and prediction purposes. Machine Learning is becoming a traction every day, by providing APIs, algorithms, training tools and more. The companies that are selling machine learning include: Amazon, SAS and more.

4.  Deep Learning Platforms

This includes a form of ML that is unique and consists of artificial neural circuits that can mimic human brain and can help in processing data and creating decision making patterns.

5.  Biometrics

You might be familiar with this one. This technology can measure and identify the physical aspects of the body’s form and the human behavior. It is being widely used in various companies and for various purposes e.g. touch, speech, image recognition etc.

6.  Decision Management

Intelligent machines are able to introduce logic into AI in order to be used by companies in processes such as tuning, maintenance etc. Decision Management can already be seen assisting various processes of business including automated decision making.

7.  AI-Optimized Hardware

They result in friendlier hardware via central processing units and new graphics that help carry out AI-oriented tasks.

8.  Robotic Processes Automation

Assists in automating repetitive  tasks in order to support the various business processes. This is achieved through employing  different methods and scripts.

9.  Digital Twin

This is a software used by companies like VEERUM, and helps in bridging the gap between the digital world and physical systems.

10.  Text Analytics

By using this, the structures of sentences, intentions and their meanings can be understood easily. One function includes, being used for the extraction of unstructured data.

11.  Compliance

The use of AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) will help in delivering efficiency through comprehensive risk coverage and automation.

12. Content Creation

This also includes development in the form of automated insights, infographics and more.

13.  Peer-to-Peer Networks

They are made when there’s a connection between two or more computers and resources are shared without the data being transferred  through a server.

14. Emotion Recognition

It helps in reading emotions and capturing body language and micro expressions.

15. Marketing Automation

AI helps in increasing efficiencies and enhancing engagements through the implementation of this technology. This helps identify  behavioural patterns thereby aiding in the analysis of trends which in turn help  strategize , eventually resulting in revenue growth .

16. Image Recognition

This helps in the detecting and identifying of object features . It is helpful in detecting license plates and diagnosing diseases.

17. Knowledge Worker Aid

This includes automation of knowledge work.

18.  Cyber Defense

ML and AI is used to detect, prevent and provide responses to cyber attacks.

19.  Virtual Agents

Chatbots are a common example for Virtual Agents


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