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AI for a social cause

24/06/2024 20mins
Shaibana S


Intelligent systems have been transforming our lives in many ways. These systems have made the world around us more efficient with emerging technologies that deploy them . Tech giants have been employing these technologies and believe it is the right time to discuss about the boundless landscape of Artificial Intelligence. Now with AI disrupting every technology, it has the potential to take on some of the most challenging social issues that has been plaguing this world. Now how is AI addressing these social issues.

Crisis Management

One of the major challenges in responding to a crisis whether it is natural or man made is the time taken to respond to the crisis. This can also happen with respect to epidemic outbreaks. AI can be effectively used to capture data, predict or act on the basis of existing data to bring situations under control. Satellite information or drones can be used to detect and rescue lost people, all of which are huge advancements in this area. This will eventually improve capabilities in Crisis management. 

Creating Opportunities

AI creates opportunities by opening the door to a huge database of resources.This also leads to skill development and access to data. The information thus obtained can be used in various segments for predictions and analysis. For example detecting anomalies and damages earlier in plants and machinery, will improve their productivity and longevity with also bringing about cost-effectiveness.

Educational sector

Adaptive learning mechanisms derive a learning model based on the success of previous educational models. This will help improve student interaction and enable them to excel in their studies enhancing productivity and promoting engagement.

Eliminating Bias

AI has been deployed to address the challenges of equality and inclusion. A venture worth mentioning a Stanford research project that makes use of AI in recognising emotions to help individuals affected with autism in social interactions.

Tackling Health and Hunger

Addressing health and hunger challenges, includes early-stage diagnosis of diseases and having a proper food distribution system in place. Some AI systems have been used for early detection of cancer. Wearables using AI technology is already used for detecting abnormal heartbeat and sugar levels with good accuracy. These gadgets have been helping around 400 million people in the world in monitoring their health and managing their fitness routine. 

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Infrastructure management

There are a lot of infrastructure challenges involved in energy, water, waste management, real estate, transportation and other sectors. The data extracted through IoT sensors can help in infrastructure management through predictive analysis. The information thus gathered will help in the maintenance of malfunctioning components enabling smooth operations and enhancing productivity. 


Finally we need to ensure that AI applications are used safely and responsibly so as to achieve societal aims. If we are looking to deploy dangerous technologies for social good, it would kill the core spirit and also backfire.


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