AI, blockchain and enhanced encryption

23/07/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is a term that is heard quite often in the news, magazines, and the television. Although it does look like a complex thing, and to be exact, it actually is, understanding the underlying concept is quite simple. In theory, Artificial Intelligence refers to the use of machines in order to carry out tasks that otherwise require logical reasoning. In the current world, there are a number of technologies that are being used to find a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence. These technologies include artificial neural networks, deep learning, and machine learning.

At the same time, blockchain is used as a means to store encrypted digital data in a blockchain network. Since the data that is stored in the blockchain is totally encrypted and is spread across a large network of computers, it cannot be altered. As a result of this, it provides a great level of security.

In fact, it is said that encryption and blockchains are made for each other because of how well they work together.

This is primarily because blockchains are a great means to store information that needs to be secure, and his highly sensitive. As a result of this, blockchains are readily used to provide enhanced encryption to a number of different sectors.

In terms of enhanced encryption and security, Artificial Intelligence has a lot to bring. There is a field of artificial intelligence that revolves around the algorithms that have the capability to work on data in an encrypted state. It is important to reduce the risk of exposing data that is unencrypted.

Artificial Intelligence is now used with blockchain technology as it is easy to understand that decision that an Artificial Intelligence system makes via blockchain technology. It is not easy to understand the decisions that an artificial intelligence system makes otherwise. This is primarily because artificial intelligence systems are capable of analysing a big number of datasets that are independent of each other. It then learns which of these sets are important.

For a good amount of time, it is believed that auditing all of the decisions that AI systems make is important. However, without the use of blockchain technology, this would be a very complex task. For instance, transactional data spanning to months is often fed to the artificial intelligence systems at Walmart to make product stocking decisions.

Auditing of the decisions made by artificial intelligence systems is far easy in case all of those decisions are recorded on the basis of datapoint by datapoint. This is because using blockchains, one can be sure that no data has been altered or manipulated in the entire process.

However, due to the fact that the public still does not trust artificial intelligence systems, they are only limitedly used as of yet. This applies, despite the fact that artificial intelligence blockchains offer a great level of encryption to the data.

While traditional computers have been fast for their age, the requirements of computations have simply increased. As a result of this, artificial intelligence blockchains will soon become more common.


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