Advancements in technology are driving e-commerce to new heights

23/07/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


Cyber Monday in 2018 was the biggest day for e-commerce in history. Holiday shoppers went online and spent nearly eight billion dollars. Orders from emerging online marketplaces and by brick and mortar stores that invested in building online sales. Consumers want apps and websites that make shopping easier. In store/curb side pickups are perfect for the hard to find items. Nothing is more consoling than being able to look up an exact item and order it on a smart phone when the store does not have the right size or color in stock. Shoppers are using their phones as they shop to compare deals. If the price is competent, it is easy to purchase something from one store that you found while shopping in another.

Mobile Pay

Mobile pay is an awesome feature that allows users to pay for orders in store using their phones. It is more secure than using a traditional PIN, and it is a great back up in case of forgotten wallets and purses. Setting up mobile pay is considered one of the basics of setting up a new phone. Normalizing and securing payments using smart phones is also driving e-commerce. One half of all visits to shopping sites on Cyber Monday were made using mobile phones. The bigger stores are winning here as they can afford to make websites for computers, desktops and tablets, making it easier for all online shoppers.

In Store Pick Up

One of the most popular features for online stores is pickups. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, and many others are offering pickups almost immediately after purchase. The sales team at the store is immediately notified of orders and the items are held at a designated counter. Purchases made in line at the food court may be waiting for pick up faster than the hibachi chicken. It’s a convenient way to just pick up the stuff you need and keep going, and it has got more people shopping on their phones and laptops.

Search Engines

Search engines drove almost half of all purchases, split between paid listing and listing selected by the usual algorithms. It is obvious that Americans prefer to search what they want. It is amazing to be able to ask for what we want and have hundreds and sometimes thousands of options appear right in front of us for inspection.

Shopping online is becoming the dominant trend. It does not matter if its holiday shopping, ordering a pizza, or even going shopping for groceries and cars. Consumers are finding what they want online, and they feel that they are getting a good price and conveyance at the same time. As the internet ties itself to more of the physical elements of our world the amount of money we spend online will increase. Some suspect that everything will shift to digital currency and all sales will be e-commerce. In the meantime, the growing e-commerce market is looking for ways it can save time and money.


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