5 Questions to Ask Before Developing a Mobile App

23/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Every simple idea can be effectively wireframed into a mobile app. But, every mobile app might not be welcomed and used by users as a Facebook, whatsapp or instagram app. Therefore, prior to launching your idea as a mobile solution, do remember to do your homework well – do proper market analysis, create market background, feasibility study, target audience behaviour study, etc. To make sure your efforts do not go in vain, ask the following 5 questions before you launch your app:

Outsource or in-house development? In-house development means more control and direction over the development process. It will enable you to look into the development in detail. However, the downside of it include high cost and use of majority of your time into this one task. Excess involvement of your time, effort and cost into the app development will lead to less management of other tasks like setting ground for the app launch, developing the market built for it, etc.
Outsourcing the mobile app development, on the other hand, will set you free from tedious development process and you can effectively employ your efforts on other high priority tasks. Moreover, compared to in-house development outsourcing is less costly and might fit your budget. Thus, if your willing to share your control, then you can get your customised mobile app at your terms in a cost-effective manner and also efficiently manage every second of your time and effort.

Which Platform to develop for? This is a very important question to ask before you start developing your mobile app. The answer to this lies within your market and user study datas. For instance, majority of users in India use a smartphone whereas in U.S all people use iPhone. So if your target audience is within India, Android works best, if U.S iOS and if target worldwide you should think of Cross-Platform development. Thus, the platform to develop for completely depends on your type of business, target users and the devices they primarily use to engage online.

What all functionalities to be included in the app? In one word your mobile app should be Simple. Users should not to made to think too much while using your app, that can frustrate them. So make sure you do all the thinking prior to taking your app to the store and from there into your target user device. You can only structure the app functionalities well if you clearly document how you want your users to interact with your brand. For instance: if you’re developing an ‘e-commerce app’, it is important to properly list the items, include a quick view option for each item and primarily easy payment modes. Thus, the better you understand your solution, the better you will explain it and as a result users will simply enjoy using your app and engaging with your brand.

Will existing infrastructure be capable to handle the increased traffic? Ideally, an existing company or any business venture develop a mobile app expecting to reach and attract more customers. So when you develop a highly interactive platform like a mobile app, make sure your equally prepared with your backend systems and existing infrastructure. To make sure your targeted audience get the best experience you wish you provide them, it is important to ensure that your website and online professionals are well prepared for it – the increased traffic.

Should UI/UX Designs be given high priority? Functionality and usefulness of your mobile app definitely will bring you great success. However, UI/UX design and user-friendly attractive screens will permanently enable you to have an upper hand in the market over to any existing or future competitors. It is true that no user use a particular app for a long time because of its aesthetic designs. However, it is also a fact that an user prefer your app over your competitor’s mainly because of its design and elegant looking screens. Thus, it is important you give due importance to the designs and visibility of your app. Elegant designs, relevant content, sight appealing font and font size, etc., all an equally important role in the success and high user ratings of your app.


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