5 AI (Artificial Intelligence) Impacts on Tech Industry in 2018

25/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


There is no doubt that the tech industry was dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) in year 2017. And this trend will continue to be on the rise in this 2018 as further technological advancements are being championed. We’ve already seen AI manifestations in areas ranging from self-driving cars and Siri personal assistants to chatbots and email scheduling automations. More also, many 21st century businesses like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and thousands of other start-ups are already using artificial intelligence to improve performance.

But, the question is: how much of AI advancements are we going to witness in 2018? If you also have the same question and wish to have an insight, here are 5 areas we think artificial intelligence will have impacts on the tech industry in 2018.

1. AI Adoption in Healthcare Technology Will Continue to Grow

The AI has great potential for the healthcare industry and we may witness more startups springing up to adopt the AI technology in 2018. Artificial intelligence gives small startups the leverage to continually analyze different types of diseases. This holds great potentials for more innovations that could lead to the discovering a cure for diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, or any other terminal ailments. AI-based healthcare technology promises healthier and longer lives.

2. Smart Automation Continue to Grow

On Monday, January 22 this year, Amazon opened its first brick and mortar cashier-less grocery store to the public in Seattle. This symbolizes a new trend in ecommerce retailing. Therefore, as the year progresses, we will continue to see AI spreading smart automation to other industries, which may range from retail product delivery to machine maintenance to energy conservation, and a lot more.

3. AI Will Impact Education Technology the Most

Although robots may not be able replace teachers completely in real time, artificial intelligence will surely continue to play an ever-increasing role in promoting the mode and channels through which education is being delivered. These could range from adaptive learning programs that cater for children with special needs to online learning that adapts automatically to students’ native language anywhere in the world. Obviously, AI has the potential to help shrink the knowledge gap through distance learning technology.

4. Data-Driven Machines

Modern businesses are data driven. Artificial intelligence offers great potentials for companies in 2018. With the data from the Internet of Things (IoT) on the rise, businesses will continue to turn to machine learning to process, trend, and analyze the information. In 2018, small and large establishments will continue to invest enormously in artificial intelligence in order to make more productive use of their algorithms in providing business solutions. This will enable more  companies to reach their target audience with customized offers as well as retargeting ads.

5. Increased Human-like Applications  Given the increased customer demands, companies will continue to make use of AI for conversational and other virtual assistants. Studies show that 85% of customer interactions will be managed by artificial intelligence by year 2020. This suggests that more and more load will be taken off humans by chatbots. There is a virtual assistant bot called “Amy,” which responds automatically to messages without giving the sender any hint of being a bot.

As we move further into 2018, more and more AI solutions will continue to be developed to meet new and existing tech challenges. AI is going to impact technology like never before in history. The good news is there is no single industry that will be left untouched by the AI-enhanced solutions. So, brace yourself and prepare for more AI-based innovations as we move farther into year 2018.


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