4 Questions to ask while considering SaaS for business automation

25/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


Nowadays, most of the companies make use of automation tech in one form or the other in order to transform their business. The overall automation of a business which includes automation of the processes, data capture, content management, and decisions means that the efficiency of operations gets increased.

Apart from the usual implementation of automation technologies into their business, companies nowadays are also considering the impact that migrating to the cloud would bring to their business. One part of this involves figuring out the need of employing software as a service (SaaS).

It is expected that the SaaS market will increase by about 17.8% in the year 2019 which means that it will become more popular than it ever was.

Before considering SaaS for business automation, there are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself. These include:

Do some specific areas of your business need to be transformed urgently?

Perhaps within your organization, there is a specific area of business that carries a higher customer attrition rate because of new and agile technologies being used by your competitors. In case you have automated your business with SaaS, you can employ new technologies quickly and drive retention at a faster rate. This will allow you to scale yourself up to new business areas depending on the need.

Do you have a full understanding of your current costs and the impact that SaaS will bring?

In order to understand the actual return that SaaS will bring on your investment, you will have to consider the complete big picture at large. Hence, it is important to consider each and every labor cost which includes the costs that go into the maintenance and updating of software. These costs may also include the costs in server investment that will go to waste in case you plan to migrate to the cloud. Costs of customer attrition may also have to be considered.

Do you know how the role of IT in your company will get impacted by SaaS?

While SaaS brings you great benefits as a software solution, it also means that you will have to give up the control that you enjoy on your own infrastructure. This is something that is not easy for many companies. However, those companies who prepare themselves for such a mindset beforehand are able to gain success quickly.

What are the qualities that should you look for in automation vendors?

Before choosing an automation vending solution, you should consider whether that particular solution is scalable or not. Essentially, you should be able to scale a solution up based on your growing requirements. Moreover, it is also important to consider whether a particular solution fits well and is aligned with the particular automation goals of your organization.

An ideal automation vendor would be the one that could offer you a platform of solutions, which can be stacked up in your organization’s technology stack. In the meantime, you should be able to advance further in your journey of migrating to a cloud.


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