4 Pieces of evidence that Artificial Intelligence is being used today

24/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


When it comes to AI or artificial intelligence, most people may think of sci-fi or matrix movies that seem so impossible. Most people think that AI applications are helpful in the distant future but not today.

However, there are a lot of business processes that fully function without the help of a human workforce. These business processes operate purely through AI technology. Nowadays, it might be uncommon to hear this kind of statement but the reality is that AI is already incorporated in today’s businesses regardless of what you think.

Technology experts have a long-standing debate about whether artificial intelligence can benefit the workforce or can actually have a negative impact on businesses.

Part of the reason why many people don’t hear as much news about the AI technology is that it is not fully autonomous. A significant amount of human contribution is still needed in order for the machines to operate smoothly.

Here are some of the 4 cases where AI has a significant impact on the current industry:

1. Creation of New Scents of Perfume

AI is commonly related to applications of logic. As a result of this thinking, many people won’t attribute creative thinking to the AI technology. This is why it comes as a surprise when the AI technology is making a lot of waves in the fragrance and perfume manufacturing industries.

AI is now being used to mine additional information for Philyra. Philyra is a perfume that is being developed by IBM and the Symrise manufacturing corporation and it aims to please the olfactory system of human beings.

2. Diamond Expertise

The jewelry and the diamond industry is now benefiting from the AI technology. The diamond industry has been established back in 4th Century BC and AI is making a huge impact when it comes to making the consumers recognize if they are buying a real diamond or not.

IBM and the RockHer company which is based in Los Angeles are establishing some research that enables people to have confidence in their diamond purchases.

3. Insurance Claims

AI is now helping a lot of insured individuals claim their insurance policies. The old pen and paper way can be labor-intensive and AI currently helps to make the process faster and more convenient. The claims are reliant to data so it comes as no surprise when the AI technology produces promising results.

AI can calculate payouts, search through thousands of claims, claims submissions and medical records in order to expedite the claims process.

4. Augmenting Sanitation

A good example of how Robotics are aiding in the production, processing and packaging food products is ‘Smart Agriculture’. The equipment are cleaned in timed schedules. The biggest advantage of using automation in the packaging industry is the reduced human intervention, which further reduces the chances of cross- contamination from food borne pathogens. These types of Clean in place (CIP) systems also help in flexing the cleaning schedules according to operations involved, further optimizing resources.

From self vending machines to self driving cars the industries that AI can disrupt are limitless.


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