12 frameworks for Hybrid app development

19/06/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


Writing the code for an application can be difficult, especially when you have to write different code for different phone platforms like Android and iOS. Thankfully, there are a few frameworks that you can use to make this task a little easier. Let’s look at some of them.


This framework is based in C# and allows developers to write and share code across multiple platforms. This allows you to write code using native interfaces and works on both Windows and the Mac operating system.


This framework is great for web developers. It allows you to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then converts the code so it can be run across multiple platforms. This is an opensource app and has native plug-ins to increase functionality even more.

3.Ionic Framework

Run by MIT, one of the biggest advantages of this framework is that is free and open source. This also allows web developers writing in HTML5, CSS and Sass to build using these technologies then distribute through app stores.

4.Framework 7

This is a free open source HTML development app. This makes it easy for you to develop apps with a native iOS and Android feel. One of the big benefits of this app is that it focuses on iOS and Google Material, this makes using the app very simple.

5.Appcelerator Titanium

This app focuses on creating hybrid apps through a mix of JavaScript and code native to the app. This means that you can’t work with HTML and CSS, which may make it harder for some developers. The app does come with Alloy, which makes it easy to use modules across multiple apps, which will make it faster to create new apps.

6.Mobile Angular UI

You can use this to create apps using Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS directives. This app is open source and free to use.

7.Onsen UI

This app gives you great flexibility allowing you to build using a range of methods including; Angular, Meteor or JavaScript among others. It is free to use and very easy to work with.

8.Sencha Touch

This is a powerful platform for building mobile web apps using HTML5 and JavaScript. There are many great add-ons, however many of these are expensive.

9.Kendo UI

This makes it easy to build apps, relying on jQuery. However, some of the common complaints are the lack of features and support.


This open source technology, offered for free by MIT, is highly powerful. It allows you to write code once and use for a website, app or desktop.


This makes it easy to create apps using JavaScript. This produces an app that is indistinguishable from those built using native formats.

12. React Native

Like Native, this lets you create apps using JavaScript. However, it has the same design as React.

While building mobile across multiple formats can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be. So, choose your favorite framework from the list and start building cross-platform apps today.


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