10 Reasons why AI-powered Automated Customer Service is the Future

22/05/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


Automation has become an integral aspect that defines most industries today. Automation has become a commonplace when we order pizza, check out our luggage at the airport or book a doctor’s appointment or hotel room. This is particularly true, even in the customer service industry.

Customer Service to the Next Level

According to the experts, it is predicted that by 2020 more than 85 percent of customer interactions will become automated.

With the growing interest in technological advancements, customer service interactions have evolved over the years. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons why call centers are heading into the advanced AI era:

1. Ability to resolve issues even before they arise.

AI systems make it possible for customers to receive a level of responsiveness that’s beyond human capabilities. The AI-embedded systems can predetermine indicators of an upset customer. They’re also able to identify the customers having trouble and what kind of issues they want to be addressed. Customers can benefit from real-time solutions via virtual service agents anytime and anywhere.

2. The upswing of Messaging Applications.

Back then, people use messaging applications to connect to their network of families and friends. Today, more and more people utilize messaging services to connect and interact with brands. With advanced customer service bots, businesses are now able to connect real-time with their customers which help increase their sales.

3. The need for hiring and training processes is altogether eliminated saving time and money.

Aside from being time-consuming, hiring and training staff is costly. Call centers suffer the most from these costs because of high attrition common in this type of industry. Through automation, there’s no need to train and retrain employees. The company can invest their time and money for other things to improve their business.

4. Prompt customer service 24/7

Bots don’t need day offs or vacation during holidays. They are not limited by time zones either. This means customers can expect resolution 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

5.Unrivaled Reliability

Human beings have the tendency to get affected whenever customers diffuse their anger or argue, ultimately making customers more frustrated. Chatbots can address customer’s issues without any biases or emotional involvement.

6. Innovative solutions that are cost-effective.

Computerized solutions will help streamline voice response systems cost-effectively instead of hiring outsourced call center agents.

7. Quicker resolution.

Customers expect prompt services and longer waiting time can only make an already upset customer more disappointed. Automation allows a faster resolution that will significantly improve customer interaction.

8. Digital-only interactions for the tech-savvy.

Not all customers would like to talk to humans rather they would prefer to get their issues resolved on their own. AI platforms will allow tech-savvy customers to utilize automated technology, free from human interactions to get answers to their queries.

9. Unparalleled level of personalization.

AI systems can be tailored to suit customers needs. Customization is an effective way to make customers feel more valued and promote customer satisfaction.

10. The power to transcend beyond limitations.

Intelligent AI systems allow companies to expand and upgrade faster even with limited resources. Instead of the long and costly process of training more employees to address high call volumes, companies can just get another server to handle the surge in customer queries.


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