10 Content marketing tips for small businesses in the year 2016

23/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Content marketing is the process of curating and promoting relevant, personalized and value adding content to attract, engage and convert a pre-identified potential target audience to smart loyal customers. Effectiveness of your content marketing efforts is directly proportional to the quality and relevance of your content. So the first and foremost tip to follow is always create high quality, relevant and fresh content. The following 10 tips will enable you to curate and market your content effectively.

1. Read, Create and Re-read : none of us know anything in its entirety, so it is important that you read various articles, writeups, blogs and keep yourself updated before you plan and publish a content for yourself. Content Marketing becomes a stress when you have to apply the push strategy to market it, however it becomes a smooth sail when the quality, relevance, purpose and style of a content pulls itself up from the vast pool of floating contents. Creating content is a very planned, thoughtful and creative task. To deliver a value adding content is a commitment and not a campaign and so it is very important you re-read what you have written before it is posted as a blog or an article.

2. Personalization vs Generalization : this is more like Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing because traditionally the marketing techniques we followed lacked proper targeting and personalization of content and efforts. Online marketing has enabled personalization of the contents curated. Small businesses can highly take advantage of this and effectively market their brand by posting and targeting their content based on keywords, geographical location, demographics, profession, etc. Targeting of content is a very efficient and effective way of content marketing and is sure to create some decent count of quality leads and followers. Most of the online ad platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, etc., offer features like targeting and personalization of your marketing content.

3. Identify your Keywords : it is implicit that if your into a business – small, medium or big, it means you have spotted some profitability in the idea you have begun and is taking the risk to reap some revenue out of it. Traditionally we used to ask expert opinions, study market performance, identify competitors, identify our USP, etc., before starting a business. In the online marketplace additional to all the mentioned activities, it is also important to analyse the search queries people type in search engines related to your business and such queries carry the keywords for your business. Identifying your keywords and creating keyword-oriented content will help you to effectively carry out your content marketing.

4.Create Content Categories : it is a common saying that one cannot satisfy everybody and this is true even for content marketing. However, it should not stop you from trying to attract all kinds of readers to your content. To cater to the multiple needs of a single person or to the interests of different types of people, it is important that you identify your content categories and publish relevant and new content for each category at least every month. For example: if you have a small business providing software solutions, you can create categories like blogs, case studies, testimonials, etc., and within blog can have categories like Web Development, Website Designing, Content Marketing, technology, etc.

5.Understand Current Trends, not necessary follow them : this is a tip to be taken at your own personal choice and after analysing the resources and potential of your business. Many small businesses, initially do not take risk with their content. But if possible you should take baby steps to create your own creative space online at an early stage than later on. Always take time to understand the current content marketing trends and in your efforts have a combination of trend following and trend setting ways of content marketing. Work few creative and trend setting techniques of content marketing parallel to the trending techniques.

6.Follow Inverted Pyramid or Front-Loading Style : this is a tip you should follow if you desire to get noticed and succeed online. Always when you create content for web follow the inverted pyramid, also known as front-loading style of writing. It means you should write the most important information or the solution to the problem first and then the least important informations should only follow. By following this style the benefits include: i) you can be sure that your target audience views the important information you intended to convey, ii) you will get relevant leads who think alike, iii) save more time, cost and effort by nurturing quality people in your audience and iv) more importantly, create positive reviews and referrals for your content.

7.Capitalize on images, videos and testimonials : this is an inevitable tip and can do wonders in your efforts of content marketing. Understand that the era you’re transacting in is a digital era and images and videos work above plain jargon filled content. So it is important that you supplement all your written content with few images and also post videos marketing your business. Videos catch up like wildfire if it shares a new concept or presents an old concept in a new way or if it is entertaining. Testimonials and its effect varies from person to person, it is possible that when you take survey most of your prospective customers do not purchase based on a testimonial. However, do make it a point to gather as much testimonials as possible because though it might not add anything great to your business it can definitely enhance your content marketing and increase your visibility and thereby business volume.

8.Less is more : unlike offline, in online space though people are visible always nobody has the time to scroll and read through all that you write. So for easy content marketing it is important you refer many write ups, understand the real matter, create your own content with minimum words and re-read it multiple times because everything we write has the scope of being reduced to more simpler terms if we pay attention to it.

9. Create Value Adding content : the tips mentioned here is primarily to help you create better content and thereby easily market it. Remember one thing if you do your content curation rightly, after you post it, it is sure to promote itself without additional effort from your part . The biggest mistake most of us do in the beginning is, we fail to realize our audience, the content they follow and most importantly our own skill and thus, end up re-creating a content that is trending with our own ideas. Always what you have to do is after writing your content, read it and ask yourself Is it adding any value to the recipients of it? If you feel yes then go ahead and post it. If you feel No, then work on it until it transcends some kind of value into others life or profession.

10. Share Option : for content marketing it is important you publish / post it in multiple platforms. Another important thing is to make sure you make sharing of the post easy by placing the social media icons in visible positions, either end of the article or on the sides, in a manner that does not pose distraction.


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